Karigari Restaurant to spice up Faridabad

To open at five more locations over the course of the next year

A new era in delicious eating in the city began on November 4, 2023, when Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, the dynamic chef of Karigari Restaurant, unveiled its fifth culinary masterpiece in Faridabad. Alongside the much-anticipated opening of Karigari Restaurant came the announcement of an ambitious development plan that would see the opening of five more locations over the course of the next year, with an emphasis on international markets such as Dubai and London.

The newly launched Karigari Restaurant in Faridabad treated foodies to a delectable journey via an array of Indian cuisines. Under the creative leadership of Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, the cuisine - which fused traditional Indian dishes with modern cooking techniques- was expertly created, ensuring a wonderful dining experience. India's rich culinary history was captured in the food of Karigari Restaurant, which served mouthwatering biryanis, aromatic curries, and delicious desserts.

"We are excited to open our fifth Karigari location in Faridabad," said Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, who is well-known for his infectious exuberance and alluring personality. Known for its rich culinary traditions and culture, we are excited to be a part of this city. Carefully selecting a cuisine that reflected India's culinary heritage, our team added intriguing new twists. We are eager to serve the people of Faridabad with our culinary prowess."

Furthermore, Karigari Restaurant have plans to go global, with plans to open restaurants in Dubai and London the following year. These global undertakings demonstrated Karigari's commitment to showcasing India's culinary treasures to the world.

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