It is impossible to remove restaurants from our DNA

Zorawar Kalra elated with the response the newly opened Farzi Café receives in the City of Joy

Close to 50 days after the 12th outlet of Farzi Café opened its doors to the City of Joy, the Founder and Managing Director of Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd Zorawar Kalra seemed elated at the response the newest addition in Kolkata has received when BW Hotelier connected with him. Often counted among one of the most successful Indian restaurateurs, Kalra said that it was something extraordinary and unprecedented. “So much so that there is a waiting period of a week for one to get a table!” he had us know.  

“Spread over 4,500 sq ft, it can be best described as a fun-filled modern Indian bistro where guests get to experience the finest modern Indian food, prepared using strong elements of molecular gastronomy. It showcases some iconic Indian dishes as well popular ones from around the world but with a desi touch,” shared Kalra with us, adding that the opening has had a positive effect on the culinary landscape of the city. “It has greatly impacted the dynamics of eating out in Kolkata, and significantly proved that a restaurant can do well despite being launched during the Covid-19 pandemic. The response has been positive, and people are loving the food. It is probably the biggest and most successful Farzi launch ever in India,” he said.  

The menu at Farzi Café, Kolkata has been curated on the lines of global comfort food - fresh and robust ingredients fused with Indian cooking styles and flavours. “It is a high energy space offering a casual dining ambience where the guests can enjoy a tapas style menu, some fusion dishes from around the world, along with an array of molecular cocktails and liquor options to choose from,” Kalra shared.   

When asked on whether the restaurants will stage a comeback once the pandemic ends or will cloud kitchens and deliveries hold on their grip over customers, Kalra opined, “Restaurants are going to be back. You can’t remove restaurants from the DNA of human beings. We need places to socialise, to congregate and gather and enjoy with friends and family. You can’t do it at home as you are at the same home every day. How is that exciting? You’re sitting and having food at your dining table for the 2000th time and it is not exciting at all. Restaurants are never going to go away, even in a billion years and till humanity survives.” But he feels that cloud kitchens are going to stay relevant forever.   

Talking about the revival of the hospitality industry, Kalra told us that it will recover very quickly, provided there’s no third wave. “Also, everyone needs to behave responsibly, including restaurants and patrons and there are logical relaxations provided by the authorities concerned. This November and December, the peak months for the F&B as well as tourism industry, will be the best in the past one decade, provided the third wave doesn’t hit us. And this will not be limited to India alone, it will be a global phenomenon,” he added.    


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