Indians are converting intentions into action to drive a more sustainable future

73 per cent Indian travellers want to leave the places they visit better than when they arrived reveals’s Sustainable Travel Report’s latest Sustainable Travel Report, found that Indian travellers are integrating sustainable thinking into their vacation planning, beyond everyday small habits such as using reusable water bottles or reusable shopping bags. Some say, they now travel outside of peak season to avoid overcrowding and opt for walking, biking, or taking public transport as part of their means of transportation. Others have also taken on the “buy local” mantra, favouring small, independent stores to contribute to the local economy.

Recycling, reusing and the value of reducing are becoming the mantra of the Indian traveller

A majority of Indian travellers recognize by conserving resources now and being more sustainable, one can help save the planet. In just a year, Indians have grown extremely conscious of how they impact the planet and are implementing several measures as a result.

  • In a bid to save water, 55% travellers reuse their towels multiple times, up 21% from 2022
  • As more people are comprehending the value of reducing, reusing, and recycling 57% of them brought their own reusable water bottles, up by 12% since 2022.
  • 52% individuals are utilising reusable bags to be more responsible; 44% practise recycling garbage while travelling and surprisingly, 51% of individuals always carry their personal, reusable water bottle.

Indians are making greater efforts to be more mindful of their travel impact at every step of their journey

Indians are taking several sustainability-related actions as their environmental consciousness grows.

- Taking conscious habits from home when travelling, 66% now turn off their air-conditioning when they aren’t there (up 23% from 2022)

- Indian travellers are moving towards sustainable travel practices and are becoming more selective when deciding their accommodations and modes of transportation primarily due to the worsening effects of climate change and growing environmental awareness.

- When it comes to transportation, 51% of Indian travellers now plan their sightseeing so that they can walk, use bicycles or take public transportation - essential for ecotourism

- Looking to further reduce their impact, 41% decide to go off-peak to avoid overcrowding, up 5% since 2022.

- Additionally, taking the ‘buy local’ ideology is also a popular mantra amongst travellers while on vacation with 52% respondents favouring small, independent stores.

Incentives and discounts can further drive Indians to be more sustainable

Today, while the intent is clear, there are several challenges travellers face to find and book sustainable properties, however, they are open to further incentives to travel sustainably. Nearly half of Indian (44%) travellers are asking for discounts and financial incentives to choose eco-friendly options. Additionally, it has been found that 53% of people would be motivated to travel more sustainably if they were given reward points for selecting sustainable options. These reward points can also be used to receive additional benefits or discounts through online travel agencies.

 According to Santosh Kumar, Country Manager, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia at, "Indians are travelling with a renewed outlook to reduce their impact on the planet. With 73% of respondents wanting to leave the places they visit better than when they arrived, today’s travellers are increasingly adopting a regenerative approach to travel. They are converting intent into action by taking active small steps at home and when travelling to drive a more sustainable future. To help travellers in their sustainability journey, has taken measures to help not only travellers but also local communities and the environment. This includes awarding thousands of properties in India and globally with the Travel Sustainable Badge, the ability to compare the CO2 emissions for different flight options or being able to find and book greener taxi options. We are committed to making it easier for everyone to experience travel in a more mindful and responsible way.”


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