Impact of innovation on hotel design

Innovative and transformative ideas are crucial to make hospitality industry viable and competitive

That the hospitality sector is fairly competitive is a known fact but the industry merits innovations and novel ideas for optimum functioning. In such a competitive atmosphere, vital changes can serve as a momentum for the growth and progress of the industry. At the 6th BW HOTELIER Indian Hospitality Summit and Awards 2022, a panel discussion was organised to throw more light on this subject. The panel discussion was led by Michael Wang, Senior Continent Leader, Global Design Asia-Pacific, Marriott International Hotels. The eminent speakers for the session comprised Vandana Dhawan Saxena, Founder and Design Principal, Studio IV (Designs); Reema Diwan, Director Design & Technical Services, Accor; Rashna Kapadi, AVP - Architecture, Chalet Hotels and Abhishek Mathur, Director, Studio hba.

Elaborating on the impact of technology and innovation on hotel business and where does she see opportunities and solutions for the business, Rashna Kapadi, said, “Human race has always adopted, invented and even adapted technology by survival or on the basis of need. It’s different for different countries. Every nation has limitations and strengths, and we tend to find those solutions over a period of time, catering to these issues and adapting to them.”

“For me as a designer, my influence of technology starts at the concept stage when I’m defining the DNA of a product that I’m going to design for a hotel,” shared Vandana Dhawan Saxena on the future of technology, innovation in hotel design and business. Sharing her thoughts about AI and building information modelling as a future tool and how that could apply to operators, Reema Diwan said, “Technology is an integral part of hotel design and innovation. We have been talking about creating lobby spaces which can foster various elements like keyless check-in, creating more like a living room kind of a space. With the use of technology, we are able to do all that now.”

“While we were more prepared than other firms to sort of tackle working during the pandemic for example where remote working was the reality, it was not a choice. Technology obviously enabled us to do this in a very productive and compassionate way, without harming anybody on the way,” felt Abhishek Mathur, adding, “I think that part of technology has always been around. Communication is key to all of our businesses. Software like Zoom and Teams have been around, and they have only improved and will continue to do so.”

“Everyone including hotel owners and designers need to be on-board and get certain amount of passion and willingness to embrace technology and innovation,” concluded Wang.


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