Hyatt Regency Delhi welcomes award-winning restaurant The Bombay Canteen to the Capital

This pop-up event is part of a series of experiences and celebrations hosted by the Hyatt Regency Delhi throughout its 40th anniversary year

Hussain Shahzad, Executive Chef - The Bombay Canteen & O Pedro, Mumbai

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, Hyatt Regency Delhi is set to host a two-day gastronomic extravaganza featuring the award-winning restaurant and bar from Mumbai, The Bombay Canteen. The event, taking place on September 23 (dinner)) and September 24 ( lunch and dinner), promises to be a culinary journey through India's diverse flavours, offering a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine  

The pop-up event, curated by the renowned Executive Chef Hussain Shahzad of Hunger Inc. Hospitality, will present a seven-course meal and cocktail experience that showcases the best of The Bombay Canteen's eclectic Indian fare. Diners can choose from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, ensuring a delightful experience for all palates. The menu for this special event features an array of mouthwatering dishes that reflect India's culinary richness.

Shrikant Wakharkar, General Manager of Hyatt Regency Delhi, expressed his excitement about the event, saying, "We are thrilled to host the Bombay Canteen pop-up as we celebrate our 40 years in the Capital with this truly exceptional culinary experience. Join us for a journey through India's diverse flavours, right here in the heart of New Delhi. Your taste buds are in for a real treat!"

For vegetarians, highlights include the Chakli Chutney, a pop-up favourite of chakli-style cheese churros served with Schezwan chutney, and the Baigan Choka Tartlets with pickled shallots and sesame furikake. A must-try is the Tomato Rasam, a chilled rasam drizzled with lime leaf oil, served with warm cheese vadas and a spicy chilli chutney made with Sirarakhong chilli sourced from Manipur.

Corn Locho, a reimagined Gujarati steamed snack made with corn, is another menu gem, topped with crispy corn, scallion chutney, and Belper Knolle, a locally produced aged Swiss pepper cheese. The menu features the immensely popular Begum's Baked Brie, accompanied by freshly made plum chutney. Celebrating the flavours of Kashmiri cuisine, Gucchi & Girda comprises traditional Haak saag, whey yakhni, and kohlrabi served with girda, a Kashmiri-style poppy seed bread. On offer is Squash Blossom Sansav, a traditional Goan-style sweet, sour, and spiced curry, accompanied by Sunday pilaf, balchow, and sunchoke foogath, a vegetable stir-fry from Goa.

Non-vegetarians can savour delights such as Toddy Shop Chicken Fry, inspired by the popular bar snack available in Toddy shops across Kerala, served with fried garlic and burnt chilies. Chilled Seabass 'Sev Puri' will satisfy chaat cravings with a zesty nimbu chunda, kairi chutney, and pickled chilies. The menu also features the Podi Beef Tartare with a tamarind dressing, smoked egg yolk, and dosa crisps. Mains include the Goan cuisine-inspired Dry Aged Duck Xacuti, a melange of spices and coconut with tender, crispy 14-day dry-age duck, served with Sunday pilaf, balchow, and Brussels sprout foogath.

For dessert, a tribute to Kolkata's famous Rasgulla is at the heart of the signature Coffee Rasgulla Sundae, featuring rum-mascarpone ganache, salted caramel coffee cream, and toasted almond brittle.

Sameer Seth, Founder and CEO of Hunger Inc. Hospitality, added, "We are delighted to showcase our interpretations of regional Indian cuisine in a city whose culinary traditions have deeply inspired us at The Bombay Canteen. Partnering with Hyatt Regency Delhi enables us to bring this Taste of India without borders to guests and food aficionados in Delhi and celebrate our vibrant food culture with a delicious dose of 'Bombay love."


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