Honouring a Pioneer: Remembering PRS Oberoi's Timeless Legacy

The Indian hospitality industry mourns the loss of PRS Oberoi, a luminary and the Chairman Emeritus of Oberoi Hotels, whose remarkable journey came to an end earlier today. Join us as country heads and other leaders of eminence from the Indian hospitality, travel, tourism and F&B sectors pay their heartfelt tributes to this legendary figure

We are saddened by the passing of PRS Oberoi, a visionary leader who left an indelible mark on the hospitality industry. Having worked with him on multiple global projects, I was able to witness his passion for work, creativity, focussed approach and dedication to do better every time. We are extremely grateful for all his contributions and believe that the legacy he has left behind will inspire each one of us to reach greater heights.

- KB Kachru, Chairman Emeritus and Principal Advisor, South Asia, Radisson Hotel Group

Mr PRS Oberoi’s passing is an end of an era in hospitality. An inspirational human being and a visionary leader, he was a phenomenal hotelier who leaves behind an unmatched legacy of luxury hoteliering. ‘Biki’ Oberoi as he was known to all defined what Indian luxury has today come to mean to the world. He will be remembered for transforming the industry landscape and elevating Indian hospitality on a global stage. Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development founded by him has groomed generations of fine hoteliers and he is deeply revered and respected by the many lives he touched. He spotted the trend of luxury hotels and introduced the world to the concept of ‘Vilas’ offering authentic and grand stays to the connoisseurs. In recognition of his exceptional contribution to the country in tourism and hospitality, he was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 2008. We, at IHCL, will fondly remember and cherish the man and the legend.

- Puneet Chhatwal, Managing Director and CEO, IHCL

A doyen of the Indian hospitality industry, Mr PRS Oberoi’s death is a huge loss to all of us. A leader par excellence, he redefined the concept of luxury and built an institution which set global standards of excellence. His achievements cannot be measured in tangible terms. Mr Oberoi’s legacy extends beyond the magnificent hotels he built. As the patriarch of The Oberoi Group, he always led from the front and transformed some of the properties in a manner that won international acclaim. In his lifetime, Mr PRS Oberoi touched innumerable lives, including mine. I truly cherish those memories. His vision and values continue to shine across all his creations and are a testament to the dream he made come true. A dream that shall live through his family.

- Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC Limited and Chairman, FAITH

A legend has moved on. He touched many lives including mine. I had the privilege of working with him and seeing him in action. He has had a lifetime impact on me and hundreds of hospitality leaders in whom he instigated the quest for excellence. His infectious passion, unflinching eye for detail, uncompromising take on quality, relentless pursuit of excellence and his ability to envision decades ahead on what would really matter to our business. Setting up of OSHM, now OCLD, to create a pipeline of talent. Generations of leaders who are serving and leading the luxury hospitality trade globally.

- Anuraag Bhatnagar, CEO, The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts

Today, as we bid farewell to Mr PRS Oberoi, his ineradicable mark on the hospitality industry transcends time, leaving an enduring legacy of excellence and service. His unwavering commitment to hospitality was matched only by his warmth and humility. Many recall his infectious passion during interactions, imparting wisdom with a twinkle in his eye. His exceptional attention to detail was matched by a genuine interest in the lives of those around him, fostering a culture of care and camaraderie. Amidst his towering achievements, Mr Oberoi's ability to connect personally, remembering names and stories, remains etched in the hearts of all fortunate enough to have encountered his benevolent spirit.

- Sunjae Sharma, Managing Director, India & SW Asia, Hyatt India

Some aspirations always remain… one of them of mine was to work with the legend Mr Oberoi and grasp a few bits from his vast learnings… perhaps this was not to be for me, but I did always follow closely his vision for excellence and learnt how one man’s determination can change the world. We are all the beneficiaries of Mr Oberoi’s legacy and will continue to cherish the vision he set not only for Oberoi Hotels, but also for the Indian hotel industry. This is a lifetime that needs to be celebrated for times to come. With my best regards and deepest condolences.

Zubin Saxena, MD & Area Sr Vice President - South Asia, Radisson Hotel Group

Mr PRS Oberoi was a true legend in the hospitality sector not just in India but worldwide. A visionary, with a keen eye for detail who created hotels and services that remain unmatched. He took the group to a level that was unprecedented, with the only hotel chain to have the distinction of having properties ranked #1, #2, #3 and #4 on a prestigious hotel list in one year. I remember that year and how proud he was of that achievement. His relentless and detailed focus on the guest and the guest experience set the standards for the industry.  

I had the pleasure and honor to work with him on a few projects. On a personal level, he had the ability to always make you feel like “a million bucks”. Each interaction with him taught me something not just about hospitality but how to interact with people and make them feel special. He is an icon in the industry, and his legacy will live on. I am thankful and fortunate to have worked with him.

- Sudeep Jain, Managing Director, SW Asia, IHG Hotels & Resorts

The passing of Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi is a profound loss for the hotel industry. His contributions resonate in the excellence he instilled, positively shaping the careers and lives of countless hoteliers. Let's honour and remember the legacy of a true industry icon who, through his passion and dedication, left an enduring imprint on the world of hospitality.

- Nikhil Sharma, Market Managing Director, Eurasia, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

The loss of Mr PRS Oberoi is like losing a part of the industry. He has been a legend and an icon for us since our days in college. He shall be missed immensely. Rest in peace, sir.

- Sanjay Sethi, MD & CEO, Chalet Hotels Limited

It’s an irreparable loss for the hospitality industry. Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi wasn’t just a successful hotelier, but a man who created a benchmark by seamlessly blending the best of global hospitality standards with the timeless ethos of “Atithi Devo Bhava”. He put India on the global map, redefined the Indian luxury experience, and left a legacy unmatched. His story is a testament to an unwavering belief in the power of authentic human connections, transforming Indian travel and tourism with his intuitive hospitality. With his demise, I don’t see the void getting filled any time soon. His peerless presence will be deeply and sincerely missed.

- Harshavardhan Neotia, Chairman, Ambuja Neotia Group

For many of us, Mr PRS Oberoi was the ultimate hotelier’s hotelier. His passion for excellence and attention to detail was legendary. Mr Oberoi’s philosophy was simple - to be the best. A visionary, he was well ahead of his times and built the Oberoi brand to be synonymous with luxury and excellence. Indian hospitality shall always be in debt of this colossus who inspired and mentored generations of hoteliers. While we mourn his loss, we shall always be inspired by his values and legacy. Thank you, Mr Oberoi for firmly putting India centrestage on the global luxury hospitality map.

- Rajiv Kaul, Former President, Leela Hotels

With luxury as the heart, perfection the core and excellence the essence, Mr PRS Oberoi created hotels that were often ahead of their times. And he had the sagacity to wait for the right demand. Yet, the need to constantly improve was foremost on his mind even when I wished him on having three Oberoi Vilas hotels rated among the top 10 globally many years ago. His memory will particularly live on in the subtle but timeless elements of hoteliering that were his soul and are the soul of his hotels.

- Vijay Thacker, Managing Director, Horwath HTL – India

Mr PRS Oberoi, the visionary hospitality doyen, has left an indelible mark on the industry, redefining luxury and service standards. Renowned for transforming Oberoi Hotels into a global beacon of luxury, his commitment to excellence and personalised service set inimitable benchmarks. Beyond the grandeur of hotels, he championed a culture of genuine warmth and personalised care. His attention to detail and passion for creating memorable experiences resonate across the globe today. Witnessing his transformative vision was like observing a master craftsman at work and his legacy, a testament to excellence and unparalleled dedication, will continue to inspire generations. Mr Oberoi's departure leaves an irreplaceable void, but his imprint on the hospitality landscape globally is everlasting.

- Mandeep Lamba, President, South Asia, HVS Anarock


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