Hiroshi Kagata Adds Kaiseki Touch to threesixtyone°

The Oberoi, Gurgaon's new Japanese chef brings with him immense experience of having worked in restaurants like Mizumi at Wynn Macau as well in traditonal Kaiseki restaurants in Kyoto, where he began his career. For Kagata it's all about the personalisation of the meal that matters.

BW HOTELIER spoke with Chef Hiroshi Kagata who heads the Japanese kitchen at threesixtyone° at The Oberoi, Gurgaon, on his experiences in India and his unique offerings for diners.

Chef Hiroshi Kagata heads the Japanese kitchen at The Oberoi, Gurgaon. A veteran Sushi master with over 33 years of experience, Kagata is a diploma holder from the prestigious Kyoto Culinary Art College and a certified Blowfish Preparation Expert. He was recently at the helm of one Michelin star restaurant Mizumi as Japanese head chef at Wynn Macau in pursuit of sushi excellence and to introduce sushi to the world.

Originally from Osaka, Japan's second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, Kagata started his career in the Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan which is famed for its traditional kaiseki meal, developed over hundreds of years. Kyoto continues to reign as the centre of traditional Japanese cuisine.  

Over the next decade he trained under sushi masterchefs at restaurants across Japan such as the Gion Toriimoto Ryotei restaurant--an exclusive traditional restaurant in Kyoto, with a tradition of more than 270 years known as one of the most exclusive Kaiseki Ryotei restaurants in Kyoto.

He joined Toriimoto to develop Kaiseki skills and gained all aspects of Kaiseki cuisine from Yakiba (grill) to Ageba (fry), Nikata (boil) and Mukouita (sashimi) and completed an intensive training of four years as a Japanese chef.

This is the first time that Kagata will present his culinary art in India. Kagata is excited to create authentic and contemporary Japanese cuisine for our guests in India. Showcasing his repertoire of a variety of contemporary Japanese recipes, including contemporary sushis. He is also a specialist in types of ‘kaiseki’ or Japanese set menus, usually a minimum of 7-courses. Kagata has introduced new recipes to the menu at threesixtyone◦ including traditional stews and some new styles of sushi.

Besides his interest in menu and restaurant design, Kagata is also interested in calligraphy, pottery, baseball and fishing. He enjoys the collaborative process of designing and creating bespoke ceramics. His aesthetic has been deeply influenced by a years of study in Japan working alongside artisans , absorbing the embedded culture and refining the techniques behind Japanese ceramics.

"I start the day early by checking emails and reverting to important messages that need immediate attention. The day then commences with reviewing all VIP arrivals of the day, especially of those guests who have dietary requirements along with important lunch and dinner reservations at threesixtyone°. This helps customize the menu as per the guest request. We are committed to personalising each interaction with our guests and spend time explaining the menu and the finer nuances of the ingredients, method of preparation and the cuisine philosophy with it at The Oberoi, Gurgaon," Kagata told us when asked to describe his typical work day.

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