Goa Tourism launches innovative "Goa Taxi App" for enhanced travel experience

The key features of the app include a user-friendly platform, real-time updates on ride progress along with dedicated SOS buttons for both passengers and drivers in case of emergencies

In a groundbreaking development, the Department of Tourism in Goa has unveiled the "Goa Taxi App" to revolutionise travel within the state. The primary goal of the application is to simplify transportation for both residents and tourists, promising a seamless and convenient means of commuting. Notably, the app also presents a significant opportunity for taxi drivers in Goa to boost their earnings while providing competitive pricing for passengers.

The key features of the app include a user-friendly platform for both drivers and passengers, real-time updates on ride progress, dynamic fare calculation based on time, location, and chosen route, integration with Google Maps for precise location services, multiple payment options including wallets, cards, UPI, and cash, and dedicated SOS buttons for passengers and drivers in case of emergencies.

The official launch, graced by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and Hon’ble Minister of Tourism, ITE&C, Printing, and Stationery, Goa, Shri. Rohan A. Khaunte, marks a significant milestone in Goa's transportation landscape. During the launch event, Sawant emphasised the government's commitment to improving the lives of both residents and tourists in Goa. He highlighted the app's potential to attract high-quality visitors, reduce accidents, and enhance safety, particularly for women.

For tourists, the app offers an easy and affordable alternative to self-driving options, especially when navigating unfamiliar terrain. Passengers can also rate drivers, report any incidents of misconduct, and seek assistance through a dedicated call centre. Additionally, the app prioritises safety, with specialised SOS features designed to protect female travellers during emergencies. Khaunte underlined the app's significance in promoting tourism by offering hassle-free transportation. He shared successful trial phase results, with over 500 rides and 1,000 vehicles registered on the Goa Taxi App, serving approximately 30,000 tourists.

To access this innovative taxi service, users can easily download the "Goa Taxi App" from the Google Playstore. The introduction of this app is poised to significantly elevate the transportation experience for both residents and tourists, further boosting Goa's tourism industry and overall convenience for all.


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