It was my second time hosting the Smart hotels conclave.I took to stage and the first thing I stated was how success is not an accident, it is a combination, a recipe created with various ingredients.

At ALOFT Aerocity, on the 25th of September, BW HOTELIER implemented the 3rd successful edition of THE SMART HOTELS CONCLAVE AND EXPO. 

It was my second time hosting the Smart hotels conclave. I reported at 9 am and checked my equipments, the podium mike and the hand mike. Arranged my sheets in order and planned on my opening. At around 10:30 am all was set and the wait was just for the guests to gather inside the hall. Outside the hall was a mini exhibition with stalls from various partners. HAIER, BEANLEY COFFEE, SPRINGLIFE MATTRESS etc.

We now waited for thumbs up from Managing Editor – Mr. Bikramjit Ray to begin the proceedings.

Mr. Bhuvanesh Khanna – CEO BW COMMUNITIES and MR. Vivek Mittal – VP BW Communities were guiding us on the updates. The conclave started with welcoming everyone and thanking the various partners. HAIER being the presenting partner continuing their support that they extended to the previous conclave as well.

I took to stage and the first thing I stated was how success is not an accident, it is a combination, a recipe created with various ingredients. I asked my audience what those ingredients could be. They prompted answers like positive attitude, focus, working hard…which I admired and got them claps for then adding the ingredient of working smart. Hence connecting the audience to the key word of the day - SMART.

First address was by Chairman and Editor in chief BW Businessworld - Dr. Anurag Batra, who immediately captured the attention with his observation of the changing times from the old saying of – Family that prays together stays together to, a family that is on Whatsapp together stays together. Driving home the point of how technology has become an integral part of our daily lives.

The schedule was packed with speakers who have a lifetime of experience in the field. Mr. Sanjay Sharma , Market Vice President North India, Nepal and Bhutan , Marriot International urging Hotel Managements to practice due discipline and allocate budgets to technology and systems upgrade as carelessness in that department may very well lead to a shutting down of business.

Partners presentations from HRS – Mr. Sagun Sawhney , Diversey – Mr. D Vaidyanathan , Haier – Mr. Debajit Sen and FCS –Mr. Varun Balwani shared the latest and most innovative solutions made available to the HOTELS from their fields of expertise to further facilitate the industry in its efficient operations.

Other partners like BioAyurveda’s - MS.Winky Singh presented Tokens of Appreciation to each Speaker and Panelist, and 2 prizes in the form of 15000 worth vouchers were gifted by SPRINGLIFE MATTRESSES Mr. Mohit Aggarwal.

A total of 5 panel discussions were held. First on IT AND TECHNOLOGY, Second on AIRCONDITIONING, Third on BEING A NEW AGE GENERAL MANAGER , Fourth on HOUSEKEEPING, and Fifth on REVENUE AND SALES.

Each panels had great insights and covered the industry challenges in the most truthful and graceful manner.

I juggled between my on stage duties of making sure all panelists and speakers are called with right designations at the planned slot and off stage being the timer. Making sure to mention and thank partners on regular intervals and continuously reminding and encouraging delegates to share their thoughts and updates on social media with the hasthtag #smarthotelsconclave.

Mr. Bikramjit Ray stayed on top of the proceedings, as usual multi tasking between greeting the guests, moderating sessions and coordinating with me for on stage announcements.

Mr. Vivek Mittal made sure that all partners got their due recognition.

The event was concluded with me inviting on stage Mr. Bhuvanesh Khanna for a vote of thanks. He extended his gratitude towards all partners and delegates.

A group Photograph was taken on stage with all the Businessworld team members, ALOFT hospitality and event partners in the frame.

I received a warm hug from Ms. Winky Singh of BioAyurveda off stage, along with two gift boxes from her side as a token of appreciation.

Yet another fulfilling day at work wrapped. Off to the next stage.

The purpose of this article was to share the highlights of the event along with the hustle, preparation and coordination that takes place on behalf of an EMCEE as well as the event team in order to implement an event such as BW HOTELIER SMART HOTELS CONCLAVE. Hope you found it useful, do share your thoughts in comments.

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