Contemporary trends in lighting up hotels

The hotel industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and innovations to match the expectations of global customers, and lighting trends are no exception

Hospitality is about creating the perfect ambience and mood, transporting the users into a magical world of luxury, beauty, and cosiness. The hotel industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and innovations to match the expectations of global customers, and lighting trends are no exception. Now, it is time to rethink the whole lighting game in hotels. Let us start with some of the contemporary trends in lighting up hotels recommended by Ar. Anil Badan of Studio B Architects.

Sculptural statement lights

To create an eye-catching and inviting guest experience, hospitality places are increasingly using sculptural statement lights. With the popularity of LED lights in recent times, these sculptural lights have evolved in different forms and styles. This contemporary lighting trend highlights the architectural details and enhances the experience of a hotel lobby. These intricate and dramatic lights are sometimes tailor-made as installations or statement pieces to elevate the splendour of the space several notches higher. Sculptural lighting such as ceiling coves and upside-down hanging bottles showcase various styles of elegant lighting that are being used in the hotel industry today.

Radisson Dharamshala

Classic vintage lights

The contemporary hospitality projects are going for the vintage, rustic and poppy lighting fixtures, to a greater extent. Nowadays, chandeliers in lobbies and restaurants have become more common in hotel projects. Edison-style bulbs with filament lamps and festoon-style string lighting are something that we can see in present-day hotels. Apart from the rustic, industrial style of lighting, fixtures with an elegant and polished classic look can also be found in some hotels. The intricate classic lighting of brass and glass elements with a modern twist is becoming popular in today’s hospitality projects.

Minimalistic Linear lights

Minimalistic and elegant linear lighting is an emerging trend that has been followed by contemporary lighting designers. Linear lights are suitable to use in the bars and restaurants of a hotel, as it enhances the finer details of the bottles and glasses in the back bar. These lights build a contrasting effect, creating an illusion of a bigger space when lit up at the back of the booth. Linear lighting design will grab the eyes of visitors to the highlighted details or decors of hotels and help in creating a warm and welcoming feel.

Sustainable smart lights

Over the last two decades, the hospitality industry has seen an increased awareness of sustainable solutions in every aspect. This trend has resulted in the rapid growth of LED lights, with adjustable lighting systems.  Smart lighting adds charm to the space through its variety of attractive options. LED lights are now available as lighting modules of various shapes and fixtures and enhanced the creativity of the lighting designers. With the integration of technology and innovations, sustainable options such as energy-saving bulbs, motion sensor lights, and adjustable dimmers are now predominantly being used in hotels.

Radisson Dharamshala Deluxe Room with Balcony

Layering of lighting

The layering of lighting is a blend of decorative chandeliers, wall sconces,  ball pendant lights, table lamps, curvy LED fixtures, floor lamps, wall art and many more, fixed at appropriate places. Carefully planned layers of lighting truly create an aesthetic, scintillating, yet functional space. The latest trends and innovative technologies allow designers to create lights of any form and style with efficient and sustainable solutions. 

Thus, the lighting trend in hospitality is constantly evolving and designers tend to follow new creative methods to make their place stand out and enhance the experience of the customers. With the help of the right lighting fixtures, one can truly revamp the entire aura of the space and shape an astonishing experience for guests. Especially in the hospitality sector, where ambience plays a vital role in user experience and attraction of visitors, lighting will always be a key to beauty.


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