Chefs at ITC Royal Bengal, ITC Sonar sculpt a 35 kg chocolate Durga idol

The structure, consisting of 35 kg gourmet chocolate, took about 40 days and 10 chefs to complete

The chefs at ITC Royal Bengal and ITC Sonar have hand-crafted a huge Durga idol made out of gourmet chocolate. The sculpture was reimagined to portray the triumph of good over evil with respect to the fight against coronavirus. It also pays a tribute to the individuals who helped ameliorate the pandemic situation with their knowledge, strength and resilience.

The structure, right from the base of the pandal to the floral decoration, consists of 35 kg gourmet chocolate which took about 40 days and 10 chefs to complete. The 3.5 ft chocolate sculpture of Durga is shown holding a Covid-19 vaccine in place of a trident as her weapon, ready to win over the virus. At ITC Royal Bengal and ITC Sonar, the chefs have perceived the god and goddesses in respect with the pandemic situation where each deity has their own part of protecting, saving and showering wisdom upon everyone.

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