Celebrating the Goodness of Gin on International Gin Day

Gin has played swashbuckler in many popular culture books and movies, which has furthered its status amongst all strata of society.

MUCH LIKE its vogue amongst the young and old, Gin is well known for its grandiose history. Its roots erupted in the 17th century, when Gin, termed popularly as ‘Dutch Courage’ due to its origin in Holland was consumed by soldiers fighting the Thirty Years’ War. Some English soldiers brought Gin back home and thus began its popularity not only within the courts of King William III, but also amongst the English markets.  After approval of its license in early 18th century, the ‘Gin Palaces’, which were arch competitors of the ‘beer cafes’ in London, played prominent role in elevating Gin’s status as the elite drink of Europe.

Pop Culture 

Gin has played swashbuckler in many popular culture books and movies, which has furthered its status amongst all strata of society. Its journey with pop culture began in the mid-20th century, with the James Bond movies and the utterly famous Bond Martini reference ‘Shaken not stirred’. Even in Bond’s Casino Royale, he orders for what is now called the ‘vesper’ with three measures of gin and one of vodka. From the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby to David Copperfield’s Mr. Micawber, pop culture has played pivotal role in making Gin the loved-by-one-loved-by-all drink of the 21st century.

Gin-Cocktail Rendezvous 

Ever since cocktails have done the rounds in India, weekend getaways and mid-week celebrations have struck the bourgeois chord, making our adventures with alcohol more chic and a notch classier.  On Gin Day, it becomes mandatory to recall our rendezvous with legendary Gin Classic Martini mixed with dry vermouth that has been titillating taste-buds since decades. Other popular additions to the gin cocktail parade have been gin-tonic, Gimlet, Monkey Gland, Singapore Sling and more, sparking yummy Gin-cocktail memories in India.

Gin-tar Mantar 

Dive Bar in BKC is a proud pioneer of restoring the Gin magic with a desi twist onto the streets of Mumbai. Reviving the desi style Gin are our delicious and dizzy range of cocktails including the Paantini or paan flavoured Gin Martini and Kesar Pista Martini, flavoured with the goodness of kesar pista, cardamom, peppercorn and more.

On World Gin day, clink your martini glasses to the exotic and exalted spirit of Gin. Whether you celebrate its goodness, indoors or outdoors, let that gorgeously flavoured transparent liquid trickle down your parched tongue and leave buoyant, memorable experiences for many nights and days to come. 

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