Café Corra brings tranquility of Bali to Mumbai

A contemporary melange of Bali and Mumbai pictorial trope - Corra contemplates wooden and green décor, accentuated with world-class savours

There is nothing more enticing than a quick and cosy meetup with friends and family, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Nestled in the heart of Mumbai city, at Oshiwara, stands Cafe Corra that hits your nostalgic nerves with sumptuous food, exotic drinks and picturesque Bali-themed decor. Helmed by Saif Saith and Alim Memdani, this affluent cafe serves your senses with delish cuisines, awestruck wooden-white-gravel decor, unmatched hospitality and warmth. They bring forth consort of everything upbeat from their experiences of working with top notch people in events and Bollywood movies respectively.

Inspired from the upscale and unwinding cafes of Bali, Corra is infused with vintage wooden and white interior with an open coffee bar. The socially sober and aesthetically minimal café contemplates quaint bamboo-based décor from seating, ceiling lamps to luxuriant placement of greens throughout, for an easy-going ambience. Packed with composite menu of Asian, Italian and Continental delicacies, the quintessential Bali Cafe has a devoted coffee bar for brewing talks - the right way! Kickstart your day with flavoursome breakfast menu. Pizza and burger menu is classic with an artistic touch in its flavour and plating. 

With thoughtfully curated menu and riveting ambiance, the café serves artisanal food, drinks and coffee while brewing talks. The café upholds warmth and plush space for brewing talks from AM to PM amidst the City of Dreams.

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