Biryani By Kilo trusts RATIONAL iCombi Pro in delivering excellence

RATIONAL iCombi Pro has upped our kitchen efficiency by maintaining consistency in food quality and reduced cooking time: Biryani By Kilo

Kaushik Roy, Founder and CEO, Biryani By Kilo, a pioneer in delivering quintessential biryani across India from 2015, deeply believes in the cooking excellence showcased by RATIONAL iCombi Pro in their kitchens. “We started humbly. The first outlet catered to Delhi and NCR suburbs. The kitchen was traditional donning conventional cooking equipment. As the brand gained traction and recognition, hinting us to expand through the country, we aimed to bolster our unique offerings of biryani and appetisers. However, in order to standardise our offerings across India, the traditional set-up of equipment was to be done away with. We hence upgraded our kitchens with RATIONAL cooking systems and there has been no looking back since.”

Kaushik Roy, Founder and CEO, Biryani By Kilo

Roy highlights that the brand witnessed a remarkable dip in the brand’s operational costs after installing iCombi Pro in their kitchens. He says that it has helped the brand to decrease utility costs as the cooking system utilises lesser energy resources while being time-efficient too. “Also, with iCombi Pro, our essential preparations like steaming rice to perfection, blanching vegetables, and grilling succulent yet crispy kebabs, etc, has become consistent. Every batch cooked in it meets the expected results always, translating to minimised food wastage,” he notes. 

Replacing special equipment like tandoor with the iCombi Pro, in the words of Roy, has helped them to maintain the texture and quality of the kebabs while also easing operations in the kitchen for the staff. “From safeguarding the staff’s wellbeing by protecting them from the heat and smoke produced by traditional tandoor ovens to cooking tandoori dishes to perfection, RATIONAL iCombi Pro has helped Biryani by Kilo to thrive inside out,” underscores Ritesh Kumar Sinha, COO, Biryani By Kilo.

Ritesh Kumar Sinha, COO, Biryani By Kilo

Biryani By Kilo truly believes in the concept of sustainability, thus have implemented several measures in their food business operations to achieve it. “Our signature earthen pots are nature friendly and recyclable. Our packing too majorly utilises eco-friendly materials. As each dish is freshly made from scratch with every order, food wastage is significantly arrested right at the production level. RATIONAL iCombi Pro furthermore ensures no food wastage with its precision cooking,” echoes Roy.

On the back of optimised kitchen operations, increasing popularity and with the extensive support of investors, Biryani By Kilo - as part of their expansion strategy - now plans to go international.

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