Araiya Hotels & Resorts launches new brand Araiya Anthology

Araiya Hotels has signed its first management agreement under the Araiya Anthology collection for a resort in Alibaug

Araiya Hotels & Resorts, a boutique hotel management company delivering a fully integrated approach to efficient design and operational performance, launches its new brand Araiya Anthology. A portfolio of hotels and resorts that is spirited, charismatic and exudes a charming sense of whimsy, the ethos of Anthology properties is deeply rooted in environmental sustainability, community development and cultural immersion.

Araiya Hotels has signed its first management agreement under the Araiya Anthology collection for a resort in Alibaug, the Hamptons of Mumbai. With a focus on wellness and unique design, the flagship property is poised to be a favourite amongst city-dwellers seeking a bespoke escape from the sights and sounds of the metropolitan.

By 2030, the Araiya Anthology portfolio is expected to have 15 properties in distinctive destinations across South Asia including Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal. The brand’s growth strategies in India include design-led properties in key leisure destinations.

“Araiya Anthology adds a new and inimitable element to our brand portfolio. We saw a need to create a brand portfolio that offers owners of independent properties the sales support and distribution infrastructure that a hotel management company with a global network can leverage. Araiya places significant emphasis on creating efficiencies in operations through a technology-led approach. I am certain that our latest offering will help owners of individual properties in distinctive destinations compete by leveraging the brand equity of independents with the economies of scale of an integrated management offering,” said Amruda Nair, Founder & Director, Araiya Hotels & Resorts.

Murlidhar Rao, Chief Operating Officer, Araiya Hotels & Resorts, said, “Araiya Anthology was envisioned as a collection of properties to bridge the gap between independent hoteliers and their sales and operational goals. With innovative systems and values centred around transparency, access and cost-efficiency, Araiya seeks to enable independent property owners to expand their property’s reach and streamline operations. With an emphasis on cultural identity, the portfolio encourages independent properties to retain their distinct local flavours, which provides immeasurable value for both the customer and the hotel owner.  Moreover, the Anthology model provides a direct and sustainable approach to ROCE, with numerous opportunities to create synergies via the Araiya partner ecosystem, be it technology, operations and ES.”

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