Annual Counsellors Retreat 2022 at Indian School of Hospitality for future of education

The two-day event saw counsellors indulge in an exquisite meal during the gala dinner and participate in a few workshops on campus

The annual Counsellors Retreat brought together counsellors from the most prestigious schools across the country at the Indian School of Hospitality (ISH). Over a hundred counsellors visited the ISH campus, engaged with students and experienced ISH through exciting workshops. They interacted with the faculty and listened to our founders, facilitators and admissions team share their vision for the future of education.  

The two-day event saw counsellors indulge in an exquisite meal during the gala dinner and participate in a few workshops on campus. The event allowed them to explore life as an undergraduate student and learn more about the global pathways offered in alliance with Les Roches Switzerland and École Ducasse France. The counsellors even attended a panel discussion between the alumna of the institutes and discovered their journey after graduating.  

Sharing her experience on campus, counsellor Theresa Joseph of Nahar International School said that contrary to popular opinion, most students don’t want to transfer abroad right after school. "At 17 or 18, they want to stay close to home and continue studying in India yet receive a global standard of education. The articulation options available at ISH offer just that! Now students can complete a portion of their programme in the country, gain the skills and confidence they need, and ultimately move to Switzerland, Spain or Paris for the rest of their education,” she said.  

Talking about the initiative, Dilip Puri, Founder & CEO, Indian School of Hospitality, said, “It’s been an exciting year on campus as we welcomed our largest batch of students and bid farewell to the first set of undergraduates. At ISH, we strive to offer exceptional education and add to society by instilling a spirit of service in each student. The retreat allows more counsellors to discover hospitality education at its finest and return to their students with a fresh perspective on the industry and the opportunity it offers.”  

At the same time, Kunal Vasudeva, Co-Founder and COO, Indian School of Hospitality, added, “It was a pleasure to host over a hundred counsellors at the 5th annual counsellors retreat at ISH. While we saw many familiar faces, we were especially pleased  to see counsellors from new schools visit our campus for the first time. We are honoured to be recognised as a reference school for hospitality business management and culinary arts. Counsellors, in our opinion, are the most significant link between a student’s decision and their exploration, thereby playing an important role in guiding students on their true path.”  

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