Andaz Delhi partners with Swajal WaterCube to provide drinkable water in sustainable glass bottles

Using the Zero-Mile Water concept, Andaz Delhi in collaboration with Swajal WaterCube plans to reduce carbon footprint.

Andaz Delhi adopts sustainable glass water bottles, replacing plastic water bottles for their rooms. To initiate the same, Andaz Delhi has joined hands with the technology partner, Swajal WaterCube, a WaterTech startup based out of Gurgaon, India. 

It is estimated that this move will save about 145 tonnes of plastic waste and 435 tonnes of carbon emissions over the next five years. This is the same amount of energy required to run a 60 watt light bulb for 7,384 years.

“We have an in-house DSIR accredited R&D lab with multiple patents. We are a technology first startup in water,” said Dr. Vibha Tripathi, IIT alumnus and CEO, Swajal. She further added, “We have worked on innovation and research specifically designed to work for the hospitality segment. For example, there is an inbuilt inventory management system and operations management system. WaterCube is the only system in the world that is designed specifically for hotel glass water bottles for end-to-end automated solutions.”

Each glass water bottle works on Zero-Mile Water concept where glass bottles are recirculated within the hotel premises. This drastically reduces carbon footprint by removing the need to transport these bottles back and forth from a central plant. With Zero-Mile Water, the water is carbon-free and plastic-free, thereby delivering only high quality, ultra-premium alkaline mineralised water.

Swajal WaterCube has a proprietary IoT platform that monitors the quality of each drop of water in real time. The IoT platform allows the system to be monitored remotely.

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