American Standard launches DuoSTiX Hygiene Spray with dual spray pressures

These pressures allow the product to be used as a bidet as well as a bathroom cleaning tool

Trigger sprays are becoming a common sight in bathrooms, and they are typically used in more ways than one – for intimate cleansing as well as for bathroom cleaning. However, a single spray pressure does not effectively serve the dual functionality required by consumers as a bidet and as a bathroom cleaning tool.

To address these different needs in one purposeful product, American Standard has launched the DuoSTiX Hygiene Spray which innovatively combines both functions into one sleek hygienic spray with two different spray pressures for personal and bathroom hygiene. This creative conception has earned the DuoSTiX Hygiene Spray the position as the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2022.

Whether people wish to use it as a bidet spray for a gentle cleanse on the skin, or as a robust bathroom jet spray for a thorough bathroom wash, the DuoSTiX Hygiene Spray with its dual pressure features can perform both jobs effectively.

Featuring a removable cap that can be fitted in either direction, the DuoSTiX Hygiene Spray can be easily and ergonomically operated as the spray button can be triggered with either thumb or index finger.

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