All set to create a sattvik environment in Africa

Sattvik Council of India releases Sattvik Maritime Management Manuals for the African continent

Sattvik Certification South Africa (Pty) Ltd, licensee of Sattvik Council of India, in collaboration with DNV Business Assurance South Africa (Pty) Ltd, has introduced the Sattvik Certification Scheme for the African market in New Delhi today. The Sattvik Council of India officially released the Sattvik Maritime Management Manuals which contain “Vegetarian logistics and supply chain management I” and “Vegetarian cruise kitchen and hospitality management II.”

The Sattvik Maritime Management Manuals have been developed keeping in mind the current need for standards in the supply chain for vegetarian or vegan food safety and hygiene combined with traceability and accounting and considering the expectations of the stakeholders. Both DNV and Sattvik Certification SA try to get the word out about this certification programme around the world.

“The launch is an effort to formulate a concise set of vegetarian and vegan requirements to be used by organisations in the food and lifestyle chain covering all levels of food processors, manufacturers, restaurants, packaged food manufacturers, traders, dealers, etc. for implementation of the requirements and to be used by DNV for evaluation of such organisations for conformance to the requirements and to certify them,” said Abhishek Biswas, founder, Sattvik Council of India. 

While Craig Barlow, Food and Beverage Technical Business Development/ Lead Auditor/ Lead Tutor, represented DNV Business Assurance South Africa, Faheem Zahid was present on behalf of DNV India Pvt Ltd as its Business Controller. Various collaborations for the African market also took place like Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa (FEDHASA), and the Pan African Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the certificate felicitation ceremony of ISKCON temple and Jagannath Puri, Hauz Khas took place. Vrajendra Nandan Das and Shri Rabindra Nath Pradhan represented ISKCON and Jagannath Temple respectively.

“The Sattvik scheme’s main objective is to create a ‘vegetarian environment’ for the vegetarian or vegan consumers of India and African markets by creating SOPs in all applicable areas, having the potential for a guaranteed 100 per cent vegetarian environment. The Sattvik scheme will provide the gateway to the increased market for African access while mitigating the business risks; likewise, it will encourage the facilitation of international trade. The certificate will help in the reduction of production costs through reduced wastage and recall,” shared Vagish Pathak, Chairman, SCI. 

“At DNV Africa, we are happy to support SCI in its ambition to bring Sattvik food into Africa. Sattvik principles rely on health and wellbeing concepts, as well as food safety and traceability. DNV Business Assurance Africa is very proud to bring our expertise in food safety inspection and certification to foster the growth of Sattvik food consumption among African countries. Through this partnership, we promise to keep working on improving the technical requirements of the standard and boosting its credibility by following strict certification rules. This will give sattvik customers across the continent more peace of mind,” said Lynda Tezkratt, General Manager, DNV Business Assurance, Africa.


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