5 Culinary Trends to Look Out for as we head to 2020

A few years back molecular gastronomy was a rage all over the world but today it has withered away.

CULINARY TRENDS do not really appear out of nowhere overnight just as they don’t disappear in the blink of an eye. When it comes to food, ingredients, styles or a particular technique, know that it would have been simmering in the background for a while before it catches someone’s attention and listed against #trending. The good ones stay for longer than the whimsical ones.

A few years back molecular gastronomy was a rage all over the world but today it has withered away. This was expected, as the novelty of the idea was limited and not financially viable. Maybe it could make a comeback in a new avatar in a few years.

Paving the way for the new, while keeping some ‘here to stay’ trends intact, here are some of the culinary trends which I feel will rule in the coming years:

Sustainability and responsible sourcing: In the year 2019, we chefs have been consciously working on a few ideas which promote sustainability and responsible sourcing. This will be carried ahead in a big way in 2020. Collaborations with local farmers and sourcing ingredients from the surrounding vicinity not only reduce the carbon footprint but also provide the freshest food supply.

Dried fruits to set the trend of being the preferred snack: Use of seeds and nuts in the preparation of dishes is good for health and wellbeing. Dehydrated fruits are pretty much the new snack instead of chips and cookies.

Adding to this, fresh fruits will continue to be used in food other than desserts like salads, soups and sauces. It not only adds a fresh flavour to the dish but also improves the nutrition value of the dish.

Keto, gluten-free and vegan on the rise: Guests today are more conscious of what they eat. This is why they are curious about where their food comes from as they understand the importance of traceability. Hence dishes today are put out with honest descriptions like Indian goat chops. Gone are the days of wine ripened tomatoes and corn-fed chicken.

Sensitivity to food in the form of intolerances and allergies seem to be growing among people with every passing day. Hence, it is essential that we cater to this demand by educating our selves and understanding the needs of the guests.

A few Diets like Keto are getting popular. Even people without allergies are opting for gluten-free and vegan food. We are actually seeing more and more people becoming vegetarian because of health reasons

Booming Ready-To-Eat market: The Ready-to-eat food industry is seeing a huge jump in offerings and variety. Large corporates are investing in effective RnD resulting in safe and healthy eating options with minimum effort.

Right from traditional items such as upma to instant noodles, they are all now being customized based on market intelligence and data. There are companies which offer exactly the same product with different specifications in diverse markets.

Gaining popularity of open-kitchens: Watching chefs in action has always been a treat for people. Guests are always curious to know what’s cooking, the ingredients and the techniques used. Open kitchens not just helps build trust in the brand but offers a more engaging experience for the guests. Personally I feel the practice of open-kitchens, live cooking or setting up Teppan stations will see rapid growth in 2020.

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5 Culinary Trends Look Out as we head


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