‘Madhya Pradesh: An exemplary example of ancient culture and values’

At the 6th edition of BW Hotelier Indian Hospitality Summit & Awards, Vivek Shrotriya, IAS, Additional MD, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, highlighted the state’s rich cultural heritage and policies which aided the post-Covid recovery of the state’s tourism industry

Madhya Pradesh has always been an exemplary example of ancient culture and values, said Vivek Shrotriya, IAS, Additional MD, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, while speaking at the 6th edition of BW HOTELIER Indian Hospitality Summit and Awards.

Recalling the state’s rich history, Shrotriya stated that countless powerful dynasties have flourished over generations in different parts of the state, but their exhibits and significance have been preserved.

He said that the state has been able to preserve some of the oldest features of the ancient monuments in the state, and they have remained resilient over generations.

However, he added that the story of modern resilience is quite detailed, referring to the Covid-19 period, its impact on the tourism industry, and the subsequent revival aided by state intervention and policies.

“The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board has taken various initiatives to overcome the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” Shrotriya said. “We introduced several strategies and policies to regain the confidence and surpass pre-Covid tourist footfall in the state,” he added.

He underscored the Tourism Board’s effort to make nature-centric and pollution-free destinations in the state popular among tourists for rejuvenation purposes. On taking notions of wellness to the next level, he stated that along with traditional massage and spas, the state has been trying to include yoga, meditation, and panchakarma to give tourists an added element of spirituality.

He laid out the five unique selling points (USPs) of Madhya Pradesh – the World Heritage Sites, places of worship, wildlife, water, and wonders of nature. Shrotriya stressed that wildlife tourism would gain more traction with the recent introduction of Cheetahs at the Kuno National Park.

Dwelling on the policy initiatives to boost private investment in the tourism sector, Shrotriya said that the state encourages the private sector to invest directly and does all hand-holding for them. He added that the Tourism Board has set up a special cell for all investment-related issues of the private players. He stated that the government is embarking on promoting rural tourism and has identified 100 villages across the state for this purpose.

“Madhya Pradesh is also the best film-friendly state in the country, and we grant shooting permission under the public service guarantee act,” said Shrotriya, highlighting policies promoting film tourism.

He urged the private sector and the industry to come and invest in the state and strengthen Madhya Pradesh’s ‘Incredible India’ story.


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