'Layla redefines Bengaluru’s F&B offerings'

BW HOTELIER spoke with Chef Abhijeet Hemant Khot, Sous Chef at Layla, The Den Bengaluru to know about the Mediterranean-themed rooftop restaurant

India is a land where diverse culinary experiences are sought after at all times. This is especially true for metro cities, where the experimental palate is at an all time high. To accommodate this diverse palate, not only are more and more diverse standalone restaurants opening up, but even hotels are setting up themed F&B offerings. One among these is Layla - the Mediterranean-themed rooftop restaurant at The Den Bengaluru. To know more about this offering, BW HOTELIER spoke with Chef Abhijeet Hemant Khot, Sous Chef at Layla. Excerpts from the interview:

Please tell us briefly about Layla and its unique features.

Layla redefines Bengaluru’s F&B offerings. It is the signature rooftop restaurant on the 21st floor of the luxurious property and is the highest in East Bengaluru. With a jaw-dropping view and palatable, delectable and luxury-tastic interiors, Layla has a variety of food options from some cold mezze to its next course in hot mezze. It has a unique tabun that rotates and cooks the food evenly, making the dish more flavourful. The three-time award-winning Mediterranean restaurant offers its guest indigenous cocktails and mocktails, a variety of options like chicken, fish, meat, pork and lamb along with some appetising desserts to finish their meal.

Can you describe your style of cooking?

My style of cooking is different. I love exploring and have always been inquisitive about different kinds of food and am passionate about my job. I cook with all my heart, and every ingredient used in the food compliments the whole dish to enhance the flavour so the taste can be cherished. I wish to serve my patrons food that is not only good in taste but also has a nutritional value which is important for their health. The finishing of every dish is important to me and I strive to enhance the finer details of the food. I hope to guide my team and work together towards consistency of a product, the authenticity of a dish and openness to new creations.

How do you see the changing consumer behaviour/eating habits in India?

After the pandemic, a lot of things have changed, including the way people eat their food and general consumption patterns. It has been noticed that people want to eat healthy and delicious food. Increased focus on leading a healthy lifestyle and preventive healthcare has led to increased adoption of healthy foods and nutritional supplements. So, the secret to that is simple - the ingredients should be locally grown and sourced and used fresh, which helps in digestion and keeping one healthy and active.

What according to you are the pros and cons of sourcing ingredients locally?

Sourcing the ingredients locally is a pro in all regards because you get ample amounts of it and it is available easily in nearby supermarkets. Also, food that comes from the local farm is fresher and flavourful than items that are shipped in from faraway places. Moreover, working directly with farms is a great way to boost the local economy. I don’t see any cons to it.

What are your future plans?

My future plan for Layla is to make it successful and turn it into the finest rooftop dining destination all over India and, eventually, globally for sure.


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