‘Current outlook for hotel industry looks bullish'

Perkin Rocha, Senior Vice President – Operations, Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels says religious as well as leisure destinations will be the focus for 2024

For someone who aspired to join the Defence Forces and serve the nation as a youngster but had to change his plans due to the untimely death of his father, Perkin Rocha has traversed a long way in the hospitality industry over the last 25 years. The Senior Vice President – Operations, Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels has been a keen disciplinarian with an eye for detail and shares one needs to be passionate, committed and hardworking to achieve success in the industry.

At Royal Orchid & Regenta Hotels, Rocha oversees the overall operational efficiency of the hotel chain and ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, maintaining high service standards and optimising various processes. “It also includes owner management and development of new projects apart from strategic planning and execution. We have five brands from upscale to budget hotels and are foraying into luxury space as well in the coming year,” he shares.

Talking about the industry performance in 2023 and the Group’s expansion and development plan in the region, Rocha says, “The year 2023 has been a robust year mixed with ups and downs. Extended rains in the hills played havoc and recovery has been slow whereas states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have done really well and each one of them are on target. We have added 700 rooms in the northern region and will be adding up 16 hotels and roughly around 800 keys soon.” He adds that the segments driving business pipeline is locations such SEZs / IT and ITEs / leisure including weddings, MICE and religious destinations.

Rocha shares Tier II and Tier III cities with good air, train as well as road connectivity will be the target for 2024 when it comes to expansion and development. “Religious as well as leisure destinations will also be the focus for the coming year,” he says. Rocha doesn’t see any major operational challenges in the north India market. In fact, he considers them as opportunities. “That is if these are planned and executed well. However, having said that I believe that quality manpower is the major challenge the industry is facing at the moment,” he opines.

To meet guests’ and owners’ expectations, Rocha feels one needs to strike a delicate balance of providing exceptional service, maintaining operational efficiency and adapting to changing trends. “We need to keep in mind the following points: customer service excellence, personalisation, technology integration, continuous training, feedback mechanisms, quality control, communication and adaptability,” he says.

Expressing his views on developing and retaining talent, the Senior VP says, “It is crucial for the success of any organisation. To develop talent, there should be training programmes, career path opportunities, mentorship programmes and skill-building initiatives. To retain talent, there should be competitive compensation, recognition and rewards, work-life balance and open communication. Last but most importantly is communication with the team. Always remember, effective communication is a two-way street, involving both sharing information and actively listening to your team members.”

On the outlook for 2024, Rocha says certain factors often influence the hotel industry, including economic conditions, global events, travel trends and technological advancements. “Keeping an eye on these factors, it seems that the current outlook for the hotel industry in 2024 looks bullish in India,” he concludes. n

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