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Airports, Passengers & the Future Use of Technology

There are a host of opportunities available through new tech that can boost engagement between customers and providers and the future will see this being used to ever greater degrees for the benefit of both parties.

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We want India to rediscover Switzerland: Claudio Zemp

Bollywood may have already made the scenic beauty of Switzerland a hit with Indian tourists, but the Director India of Swiss Tourism told us that there was much more to see and do in his country and the Indian market was only now discovering 'new' destinations in his country.

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AirAsia India Launched Food Truck to Publicize its Meals

Put together by Taj Sats Air Caterer, AirAsia India offers its guests, world-class food and beverage on-board at pocket-friendly prices in its menu, ‘Santan’! This first-of-its-kind endeavour by AirAsia India aims to take the airline’s in-flight menu offerings to the streets of Bengaluru for a limited period.

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