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Hyatt India Culinary Challenge 2015 finale at Grand Hyatt Mumbai on Nov 15

TO EMPHASIZE Hyatt’s focus on its rich culinary heritage, Hyatt Hotels in India introduced the ’Hyatt Culinary Challenge - people cooking for people’ in 2014. The first season was a memorable experience for our guests as well as the hotel associates engaged in the preparations. The challenge is back in 2015, with the second season which was held on October 31 across ten Hyatt India destinations. Hyatt India Culinary

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All Indicators Are Pointing at Great Growth Potential in India: Stephen Holmes

THIS IS the second time that Stephen Holmes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (see photo), has been to India and he is happy with what he sees. "I enjoyed it then and I am enjoying it this trip as well. It’s an amazing marketplace. Amazing culture and great growth potential,’ he told me during our interview. ’I think all the indicators are pointing towards great growth in India. If you look at the demographics, you have got a very young, very technology savvy, consumer base here.

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Taking a risk on Going Digital

One of the most common queries I receive on my YouTube show is asking me why hotels adopt digital strategies last. Hoteliers analyze every channel of publicity and marketing, conduct audits and post mortems before realizing the true value of investing in digital strategy. Sometimes, they jump on to the proverbial ’bandwagon’ which others are already using.

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