Kartikey Bhargava

Kartikey Bhargava is the marketing head of a company that specializes in mobile led digital solutions and a part-time food critic.

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Marketing Beyond Millennials: How to Attract and Engage Gen Z and Beyond

Many people who belong to Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2012, are now in their twenties and have grown up not really knowing a world without computers, smartphones or anything to do with the online world.

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Tech Trends for Restaurants in 2018

It's never been more important for restaurants to embrace new technology. Of course, there’s greater competition in today’s fast paced, modern world and we all need to get our message across quickly and constantly strive to improve performance.

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Does a Minimum Wage Hurt Businesses?

Some businesses say increases have reduced the number of people that they can employ, pushing them inevitably towards new technology to protect that all-important bottom line. Nowhere has the argument over the minimum wage been as hotly contested as in America where it’s recently bubbled to the top of the business agenda.

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AI and the Future of Jobs

With Facebook reporting that their new robots had to be shut down because they started to talk in a new language, suspicion is on the increase that AI is taking over.

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Why Start Ups Fail : A Marketers Perspective

It’s easier than ever before to start a business. While a decade ago you needed a good deal of starting capital and a pretty strong idea to convince the bank to loan you some money, nowadays all you need is a laptop and the semblance of a decent idea. If you’re planning on becoming the next Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson, however, prepare yourself for a shock.

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Cognitive Marketing, AI & the Future of Advertising

The idea of the big ad campaign and its hold on the consciousness of the consumer has given way to more nuanced approaches. These have more to do with understanding cognitive intelligence and delivering solutions using artificial intelligence than broad brand concepts.

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Learnings From The Art of War In The Age of Digital

It’s not how you use a particular tool such as Instagram or Facebook. It’s how you use that tool within your overall strategy and size is largely irrelevant. Your strategy should be based on the deep and influential knowledge of everything your business is and who it is competing with.

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8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2017

Developments in technology over recent years means you have plenty of tools at your disposal if you want to develop a strong and meaningful marketing strategy over the coming 12 months.

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Airports, Passengers & the Future Use of Technology

There are a host of opportunities available through new tech that can boost engagement between customers and providers and the future will see this being used to ever greater degrees for the benefit of both parties.

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Fast Food: A Remarkable Achievement


You may be a health fanatic and prefer your food free range or organically produced, but the sheer audacity and scope of what we have achieved in the last few centuries should make the mind boggle.

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