Kartikey Bhargava

Kartikey Bhargava is the marketing head of a company that specializes in mobile led digital solutions and a part-time food critic.

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8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2017

Developments in technology over recent years means you have plenty of tools at your disposal if you want to develop a strong and meaningful marketing strategy over the coming 12 months.

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Airports, Passengers & the Future Use of Technology

There are a host of opportunities available through new tech that can boost engagement between customers and providers and the future will see this being used to ever greater degrees for the benefit of both parties.

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Fast Food: A Remarkable Achievement


You may be a health fanatic and prefer your food free range or organically produced, but the sheer audacity and scope of what we have achieved in the last few centuries should make the mind boggle.

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The Sharing Economy Revolution: India Primed to Take Next Big Leap

The major side effect of disruptive technology such as smartphones and tablets is that it has made us more connected. The knock on effect of this development has been that we are more engaged than ever before – not only when it comes to our friends and family but people across the country, even halfway across the world.

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How Guests and Technology Are Transforming the Hotel Industry

THE HOTEL sector isn’t the only industry that is being affected by the rise and rise of real customer power. Banking, shopping and even film and television are being challenged, having to find new ways of operating to keep up with consumer desire.

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How Beacons Are Transforming Guest Satisfaction in Hotels

The future of most businesses nowadays depends on a good slice of technology, whether it be providing better communication to clients and customers or producing game changing products. One place where tech is beginning to guarantee better experiences is the hotel and leisure industry where beacon technology is transforming how businesses and customers connect on a deeper, more personal level.

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