eZee Panorama: The one-stop solution for all your website needs

eZee has come up with an optimum solution for website building, creation, and maintenance that could remove a majority of obstacles with the idea of “eZee Panorama.”

Initially, eZee used to provide website design services to its customers through pre-designed templates. However, the competitive market encouraged all kinds of businesses to think outside the box and take steps towards better brand awareness and positioning. 

Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO at eZee Technosys said, "In this time and age, a solid online presence is a prerequisite. Without a website, it is going to be utterly impossible for businesses to survive. Yet, hoteliers and restaurateurs find it difficult to get the right website in their budget. Therefore, we came up with a simple and affordable solution to all the website hassles - eZee Panorama."

In that respect, eZee recognised this need for the hospitality industry. It surveyed thousands of hoteliers, F&B business owners, and conducted a rigorous analysis; the conclusion of which was: 20 per cent of the hoteliers do not prefer to invest in a website. 72 per cent of people would book directly with the hotel if they get the best deal. 94 per cent of people abandon a booking online because of the quality of the website. 70 per cent of survey respondents say they rely on images to explore more about a hotel. 87 per cent of guests visit a hotel’s website before booking.

Apart from these, most hoteliers did not prefer to invest in a website because: There was no major increase in the booking flow via a website. The design costs were expensive. They experienced very minimal support from the website developers. Website delivery took a lot of time and was not responsive. The returns on investment were not up to the mark.

Since online is the new normal, eZee introduced its product VIRTUALLY on India’s 74th Independence Day, with the objective to make every hotel and restaurant independent from the website hassles at an affordable investment. This had been the FIRST-EVER virtual launch event in the industry. Aeijaz Sodawala, CEO at eZee Technosys hosted this event held on August 15, 2020. The live event covered the importance of a website, hotel branding, and digitalisation for the hospitality industry. 

Dharamveer Chouhan, the CEO & Co-Founder of Zostel shared his views on the rapid changes in the industry and how they are adopted by the tech-savvy businesses. He has witnessed eZee evolving over the years and expressed his opinions on eZee Panorama as a turning point for small hotels to find all technology solutions at one place at an effective cost.

Birendra Singh the Area Manager at Booking.com spoke on the evolution of hotel booking practices through phone bookings, walk-ins, travel agents to the modern ways of receiving bookings from the OTAs, direct website, and social media. He further mentioned, with the introduction of eZee Panorama, it gives an extra advantage to hoteliers for building their own website and creating brand awareness among their guests.

Gurbaxish Singh Kohli the President of HRAWI and Vice President of  FHRAI honored the event by launching eZee Panorama virtually and shared his insights on how important digitalisation is for the hotels and restaurants.

PK Mohankumar the owner of Turnstone Hospitality having former Leaderships at Taj & Ginger Hotels shared his insights on South Asia becoming the next big spot for the travel industry, its upcoming business opportunities, and how eZee Panorama is going to be the game-changer for small and medium-sized hotels.

Benjamin Nicolas the Chief Commercial Officer at ZEN Rooms shared views on why websites will be a MUST-HAVE for hotels and how COVID-19 is radically changing the mindset of hotels. Adding to that he highlighted, eZee Panorama will be a lot beneficial to the industry for creating their own website and brand identity in the digital world.

The launch also included a guest appearance of eZee Panorama’s Product Manager, who shared various details about the website builder. He mentioned how website building used to be a time consuming and complicated process previously. But, with eZee Panorama, all these hassles would be solved for the industry. 

He also covered the product’s USPs like the freedom to select any templates and themes, drag and drop options, full control over the website, all at an AFFORDABLE COST; making eZee Panorama a perfect website builder for hotels and restaurants. 

Additionally, he highlighted some of the key features that the solution brings along: Multi-language support; free hosting and SSL; attractive widgets; high-quality SEO and best fit for all devices

eZee, considering the future requirements has made the websites created by eZee Panorama to be further integrated with a booking engine as well as an online ordering system; thereby increasing hotels’ and restaurants’ businesses and generating more bookings and orders.

Catering to all sizes and types of properties - independent ones to chains, eZee Panorama will come with a dedicated website designer, along with a DIY option to make edits. 

Upcoming product

That is not all! eZee has announced a few more exciting projects lined up in the future to contribute more to the hospitality industry with its latest collaboration with Yanolja.They have announced the development of the next phase of an automation technology solution named “Y FLUX” placing the cloud-based PMS at the epicenter.

Y FLUX will create a fully integrated and automated environment in hotels, allowing real-time communication with guests. This will be sustained by eZee and Yanolja’s proficiency in providing innovative solutions to the industry. The AI, blockchain, and IoT enabled hotel solutions will replace manual labor with technology in hotels; increasing their efficiency, revenue, enhancing the guest experience, and even saving costs.

With all the countless things happening around the world, eZee remains committed to its vision for empowering small, medium, and independent hotels to be more efficient and profitable. It has gone every extra mile to serve and comfort businesses in the hospitality industry. eZee, in the current times of the pandemic, had made various resources available to keep the businesses running and on track. More than anything, it remained true to its words, namely, that - “We are in this together”.

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