Zo World launches first-ever travel geography card NFTs to build a global Zo community

The platform will also be offering country cards for India and the USA soon

New travel and gaming startup, Zo World Limited, co-founded by two of Zostel’s founders, launched its first-ever geography card NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), a unique digital token tied to digital assets offering a blockchain-created certificate of authenticity. These cards will allow the holders to be part of the Zo community and help build the travel ecosystem of their region, enabling travellers all across the world to explore, complete quests and adventures in the real as well as digital AR world, Zo World. 

Launching El Salvador as the first country in the Zo World, the platform will also be offering country cards for India and the USA soon. With each country launch, Zo World will host trips in that country within 100 days after their geography cards sell out. It'll work with the local community of hosts, creators, partners to create a month-long trip for starters, enabling the local community of each region to host travellers from all over the world, and immediately start earning a living. 

“NFTs are recent technology, and companies are still figuring out how to use them best. We see NFTs as the best solution to our vision of building at least a million strong Zo communities worldwide. We will build the AR geography layer worldwide, helping people to collaborate and build adventures and experiences for Zomads and build local economies that empower ground-level communities. We are selling NFTs not for earning money but for building community, onboarding the early, too bright, too crazy people we need to fulfil our vision. There’s no other way to make the Zo World vision come to life,” said Dharamveer Singh Chouhan, co-founder and CEO of Zo World.

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