What's Brewing at Brewbot?

The Mumbai pub brewery founders speak to BW Hotelier about how their concept came to fruition and about their latest offering where customers can brew their own beer.


The Brewbot Team: (L to R) Ansh Seth, Director and Head of Finance; Ketan Gohel, Director and Head of Operations; and Anand Morwani, Executive Chef, Co-Founder and Director.

BREWBOT EATERY and Pub Brewery has come up with its own community outreach program called The Beer Incubator, where customers are allowed to brew their own beer. "We invite people and take their preferences down, they come up with a plan and begin brewing. We brew a 20-ltr batch and allow the individual to name the beer and take credit for it. Also if it turns out to be an amazing we brew, we scale it up and add it to our menu," according to Anand Morwani, the Executive Chef, Co-Founder and Director of the company.

Brewbot is a Mumbai, which brews its own beer, right in front of customers. The three men behind this concept are Morwani, Ansh Seth (Director and Head of Finance) and Ketan Gohel (Director and Head of Operations). They all have backgrounds in the hospitality industry.

"Through my research I saw we are starved for good quality beers at reasonable prices in India. Imported brands are not plentiful and are just too expensive. It was then that I thought of the idea of opening a craft brewery and combining two of my passions --food and beer," Morwani told us when asked about the idea behind Brewbot.

"I then spoke about it to Ansh one my childhood friends and he was equally passionate and excited about the project and decided to join me and rescue Mumbai from substandard beers," he added.

Morwani said that setting up Brewbot full of challenges. From acquiring a license to maintaining and establishing beer quality. "It took us couple of batches to get things right, but I can now proudly say that these concerns are behind us. Today Brewbot beers are among the finest craft beer you can have in India," he proudly added.

While hunting for properties to set up Brewbot and dealing with the licensing problem in Mumbai, Morwani and Seth were introduced to Gohel by a mutual friend, who joined the company.

"After a lot of running around, we actually got a hold of supplier in India who could get us the products around the world. At the moment all our malts are imported from Germany and our hops from around the world depending on the style and recipes," Gohel told us.

On pricing policy, Seth explained, "our beer pricing is comparatively less than other brands. This is done intentionally to educate more people about craft beer."

Brewbot is supplying their craft beers to 12 locations across Mumbai, at present. In future they are looking to expand through taproom formats across Maharashtra. In the long run the pub is also planning to expand their brewery operations to other cities like Bengaluru, Gurugram, Kolkata, Panjim and Chandigarh.

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