We need to apply 'The Right Buy At Right Negotiated Price With The Right Quality': Sai Shankar

Among the leaders from the procurement sector Sai Shankar, VP Procurement, The Leela Palaces Hotels, and Resorts shares his valuable observations, realizations and strategies.

Talking on the much-known practice of procurement called ‘negotiation’; Shankar mentioned, “With this different situation, I don’t think we‘ll be able to inculcate or get to the negotiation mode in the traditional way of negotiating the contracts.”

Adding to it he said that for optimization of the prices, we need to look at various alternate ways and explained using an example of the current digital situation going on in the market where ‘everybody is selling everything’. He asserted, "This is the right opportunity for us to look at evaluating the right source that may be an optimum source.” Reinforcing the matter he mentioned that it is all about looking at the ways and means to find the right buy, wherein we look at bringing efficiency in our prices.

Furthermore at the ‘Procurement – The Big Game Changer’ webinar under BW HOTELIER Breaking the Pandemic series, Shankar highlighted a traditional guideline of procurement and emphasized implementing it in a real manner- the right buy with the right negotiated price at the right quality. He quotes this as ‘the right time’ to look at our vendor base and actually bring efficiency. 

When asked about going back to normalcy; a bit disappointedly Shankar said, "We don t see the hotel industry in the next two to three months reviving so fast." He agreed with other panelists on the fact that this is the time for realization, ideation for a better comeback in the near future.

On a humane note, he shared his observation and stated that people staying back at home for three months the stress and frustration level have already increased up, obviously, people would love to go out and spend their personal time with their family and friends.

With a voice full of positivity and hope he concluded, “With the revival, I am sure the difficulties will overcome, we will come back with a very positive mindset and 2021 will be a far better year for our business.


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