WTTC responds to latest announcement from the U.S. government

It will enable travel and tourism to return, providing, a major boost to the economy

WTTC welcomed the recent announcements made by the U.S. government to lift travel restrictions. The council has long been calling for the U.S. to reopen, and according to their research, it shows that this measure could pump US$198 million back into the U.S. economy every single day.

“The U.S. lifting travel restrictions to restore transatlantic travel between the EU and the U.K. is welcome news - not only for hard-pressed airlines but for the wider Travel & Tourism sector, which has been decimated by COVID-19,” said Julia Simpson, President & CEO, WTTC.

The move will finally enable families to reunite, business travellers, to resume face-to-face meetings and events, and for travel and tourism to return, providing a major boost to these economies.

Visitors from the EU, to the U.S, contributed more than $35 billion to the economy in 2019, and UK visitors more than $11 billion, showing just how critical this move will be to the nation’s economy. The council strongly advocates for fully vaccinated citizens, to be able to travel freely and safely, irrespective of where they’re travelling from.

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