Travel Tips During Winter & Last Minute Bookings:

By BW Hotelier

WITH THE days turning colder, many start to think about taking a quick family break. To help ensure that travellers make the most of their much needed vacation time,, online accommodation booking website, has compiled a list of travel tips to ensure your holiday is a memorable one!

Travel light: It is always best to pack light. You might have to run-up and down hundreds of stairs to catch a train with a heavy bag or spend additional money for those extra kilos of baggage. Talk to your well-traveled friends or a stylist at a fashion store to help you plan your wardrobe for your holiday.

Pack the essentials: The items below are a must-have in your travelling bag for winter:

Woolens: Stylish and trendy jackets, cardigans, scarves, leather boots and caps to keep you warm. This will also accentuate your winter getaway look and can be matched with different attires.

Skin care: A nourishing moisturizer to protect you from dry skin is a must. Do not forget to carry a good waterproof, high-factor sunscreen if traveling to beach destinations and a medicine box for emergency.

Arrive at the airport early: Winter is a busy season for airports. You are bound to face long queues, delays in parking and so on. Hence, it is always safer to arrive a little early and give yourself enough time to complete the formalities. Online check-ins are also recommended. Keep a check on your flight status if traveling to cities where fog is a nightmare.

Look out for last minute deals: If your trip is planned at the last minute, do not worry! Last minute deals on hotels can save you a considerable amount of money. For instance: app for smartphones and tablets gives you access to 20,000 last minute deals on popular hotels worldwide.

Make use of loyalty programs: Winter vacations tend to be longer in duration. Hence, it is best to be a part of a loyalty program and make use of the points you accumulate on your holiday. For instance: If you sign up to the loyalty program, Rewards, you can get one night free for every 10 nights stayed.

Choose your destination wisely: While the Swiss and Alps continue to remain travelers favorite, to grab a best bargain it is advisable to opt for an off-beat destination. One can also find some amazing deals to these locations as they are not the most sought after destinations by travellers.

Skiing holiday: Another option for a last minute winter break is to head off on a ski holiday! By not booking your trip until the last minute, you can ensure that there’s plenty of snow in your chosen destination ’ making sure that your trip will be a great getaway. Whether you fancy heading to a resort in France or want to head over to the mesmerizing valleys of upstate New York and Denver in USA, there are some great last minute deals available ’ especially if you can be flexible with your dates.

When to book: Booking 2 months in advance is ideal if you opt for a popular destination as last minute availability might be a constrain. If you have to travel at a certain time or have a specific room or hotel requirement, booking in advance will mean you won’t have to compromise on your day of departure, or any other element of your break ’ as you can choose your hotel or hotel room type, destinations and holiday length. Opt for the middle weeks rather than traveling at weekends to keep costs as low as possible.

Compare airline options: It’s simply down to the fact that a large part of the holiday cost is driven by the air fare, and airlines have some great sales to attract passengers for those months. It’s vital you compare various airline options for all the deals and offer.

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