The Orchid Pune’s Revamping Silhouette to Cash-In Increased Revenue &Occ. in 2019

BW Hotelier in a Tête-à-Tête with Ayon Bhattacharya learns more about the value additions that Bhattacharya has brought to the hotel and his vision ahead for the property.


AYON BHATTACHARYA, who took charge of the reins of The Orchid Pune as its GM from December 2017, is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of being associated with the hospitality industry which includes 11 years as that of heading the operations of various hotels of both international and national brands including pre-opening assignments. His past assignments included stints with Radisson Ranchi, Radisson Jass Khajuraho, Radisson Blu Ranchi, Pride Bangalore, and Clarks Exotica Resort and Spa. Most of the aforementioned properties being a room inventory mammoth with large banqueting space, Bhattacharya reminisces that the dynamic exposure of catering to the diverse profile of clients including FITs (Free Individual Travellers), Corporate Travellers, Family and Friends, MICE, etc., has set him to function in a manner that includes zestful operations carried out in a hotel.

BW Hotelier in a Tête-à-Tête with Ayon Bhattacharya learns more about the value additions that Bhattacharya has brought to the hotel and his vision ahead for the property. Excerpts…

How do you see the positioning of the hotel to be strategic? How has the Pune market served for the hotel?

Ayon Bhattacharya: Being located right off the Pune-Bangalore highway and adjacent to the Balewadi Stadium, The Orchid Pune is ideally positioned to receive a mix of leisure as well as corporate travellers who are on the move to and fro Pune and Bangalore. We receive a sizeable number of guests from Mumbai too. We also have the biggest conference and banquet space in Pune due to which our hotel is mostly booked round the year for events organised diversely including social gatherings, weddings, industry conferences, movie promo launch events, etc. Sportspersons visits can be witnessed round the year due to our vicinity to the stadium. Connectivity from Delhi has also developed over the years, where Pune Airport now receives a significant number of arrivals from Delhi. Apart from other metros, the Pune market which has significant IT companies, we receive a lot of millennial audiences from within Pune who often come here for our unique F&B offerings.

What is the ratio of the diverse visitor profile to the hotel?

AB: Individual travellers contribute 80% towards our occupancies and 20% contribution through MICE segment. We are currently witnessing a surge in our corporate segment, as we are striving hard to build new corporate loyalties and retaining our existing customers at the same time. MICE and wedding contributions have already stepped up as we enter the peak season. Also, our focus measures undertaken to promote long-stay segment are also getting paid-off.

What is the Occupancy rate and stability in ADR recorded by the hotel following the renovation of a major share of 90 rooms of the total room inventory?

AB: In H1 FY18, we have recorded 65% Occ., where 215 rooms out of the total keys are booked per day on an average. The ADRs have been stable, well-received and appreciated by the guests for being pocket-friendly and equipped with the best amenities. We are currently forecasting annual occupancies in the year 2018-2019 above 70%.

What is the vision ahead in terms of renovation and revenue made by the hotel?

AB: Renovation has proved to fruition of surging revenues for the hotel. Hence we will keep up with the renovation process, where we are targeting refurbishing of a total of 180 rooms by June-end 2019. We are also planning to make an addition of more rooms to the inventory thus thrusting the existing portfolio of 346 keys to a total of 417 in the next year, hence making us the largest hotel in Pune in terms of room inventory. We are eyeing to be in the top three hotels in terms of revenue in the city in the coming years. In order to attract the hospitality talent, we are also making conscious efforts to make the Orchid Pune an aspirational workplace to work with.

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