The Mani Pedi Spa on Expansion Spree

Mahema Bhardwaj saw vast untapped potential in the wellness industry and the benefits that it is yet to offer. She is now determined to strategically expand The Mani Pedi Spa to other parts of the country.


AN AMBITIOUS and a visionary entrepreneur, Mahema Bhardwaj, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Mani Pedi Spa has paved the way towards revolutionizing the Indian beauty & wellness industry. As an avid traveller, Bhardwaj saw the focus on hand and feet wellness internationally and realised the existing need gap in the Indian market. Following extensive R&D she introduced the concept of a salon- the Mani Pedi Spa providing hand & feet care. She saw vast untapped potential in the industry and the benefits that it is yet to offer. Bhardwaj is now determined to strategically expand The Mani Pedi Spa to other parts of the country.

Brief us about your clientele and how your services stand out among others?

About 90% of our clients are women, aged between 25-45 years old. Out of these over half of them are expats that are living and working in DLF Phase 5/ in its near vicinity. We cater to a substantial professional and articulate segment of niche upper-middle-class Indians who are gaining awareness about the need to invest in hand and feet wellness.

Our differentiating factors in contrast to others in the Indian industry are:

• Space and Ambience: Ours is the largest facility that is dedicated to offering just hand and feet wellness services in India. We are spread over 1800 sq. feet and are unlike any other salon/spa offering manicure, pedicure and nail services. In most salons space is cramped with stations being extremely close to each other and the client is unable to enjoy the pampering in privacy. We not only offer well-spaced manicure and pedicure stations, but also couple rooms where two individuals can spend quality time with each other while taking the services.

• Hygiene: We following hygiene practices that are benchmarked to US safety standards unlike any other spa/salon in the country. We use stellar quality equipment and have adopted the usage of sterilised autoclave tools, individual callus remover and much more.

• Internationally Trained Female Therapists: We are one of the only professional manicure and pedicure spa with female therapists only. Also, we are the only salon that offers training and certification to all our therapists. Our team is trained under the guidance of international trainers from Creative Nail Design, USA (CND.COM) (one of the largest professional nail product suppliers in the industry) that help them in honing their skills.

• Products: The products that we use are of the finest quality picked from across the globe. We use exquisite nail paints and gels from Creative Nail Design, USA & OPI USA which are beautiful to the eyes and don’t harm the nail plate - a premium range of products that are not used in India.

• Easy Booking: In today’s day and age where everybody has a fast life, it becomes hard to schedule appointments. Most of our clients are professionals living and working around the neighbourhood. Thus, it became imperative for us to provide them with easier and more user-friendly booking options on their phones. Our customers can book an appointment ONLINE at the time & place of their convenience.

What are the services offered?

Our expertise lies in nourishment, sustenance and wellness of hands and feet. Therefore, our core service offerings include different types of manicures, pedicures along with nail art & nail enhancement in gel and non-gel paints. We also provide waxing/bleaching services.

Have you introduced any new technology?

In terms of technology, we take pride in the fact that we offer medical grade hygiene to our clientele. The tools are sterilised and packaged via autoclave after every use. We also use replaceable foot scrapers, a tool which isn’t used in the Indian wellness industry at large. We exclusively use Creative Nail Design’s product range in India. CND provides the highest technology & nail friendly nail paints that don’t harm the nail plate

How profitable is the manicure, pedicure business in the wellness industry?

The Indian beauty and wellness industry is one of the largest sectors in the world and is full of unexplored areas holding within enormous opportunities. Therefore, making this industry highly lucrative in terms of growth, profit and expansion as more and more people are indulging in such services. This has led to numerous outlets opening up at public hotspots to generate profits as beauty professionals nowadays are looking for prevalent business opportunities or business ideas in the industry.

Owing to the increasing awareness amongst the population regarding personal grooming services such as manicures, pedicure and nail art; We launched The Mani Pedi Spa as a niche outlet entirely dedicated to hands and feet wellness. Nowadays, people have a higher purchasing power and are valuing the necessity of hands & feet wellness, therefore, leading a wave of people availing these services.

As one of the initial market entrants, we have enjoyed the first mover advantage over others in terms of grasping opportunities and retaining customers.

Lately, nail art has been accepted widely and has established itself as an independent opportunity in the industry.

Thus, we are also planning to expand our business operations at other public avenues in order to capture a fair share in the market. Like every other business that comes into the market, our motive is to reap the benefits of the potential that market holds and enhance the remuneration thus after. 

Tell us about your expansion plans?

We are have just inaugurated of our second store in Galleria Market, DLF4, Gurugram. Over the next five years, we plan to open 10 more outlets across NCR to meet the rising demands of this rapidly growing industry

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