The Great Indian Food Street at WFI 2017 Rejoices India’s Rich Culture

On the day one of World Food India 2017, BW Hotelier spoke to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor who told us about the concept behind 'The Great Indian Food Street'.


 AT THE three day mega event of World Food India from 3 – 5 November 2017, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Minister of State for Food Processing Industries, unveiled ‘The Great Indian Food Street’, a unique platform to celebrate the diverse culinary heritage of India. Appointed as the brand ambassador of ‘The Great Indian Food Street’, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has curated and designed the whole concept.

Chef Kapoor has put his expertise into bringing out immense culinary practices, flavours, fragrances from various cuisines of the world, rejoicing India's rich cultural heritage and diverse exclusivity of its produce to create contemporary renditions and fusion food. In an exclusive conversation with BW Hotelier, Chef Kapoor said, “There are different elements that we have locked in here, from a culinary theatre to a discussion room we have tried to make this Indian Food Street more interactive.”

Speaking about the concept behind it, Chef Kapoor said, “In India we produce so much, be it fruit, vegetables or milk products but there is lot wastage that happens.  Only when it will get processed it would become easier, but that does not seems to happen. Food processing ministry should get more focused on this.  At The Great Indian Food Street, we are trying to educate the process of organic farming and the plethora of opportunities it holds in trade. At the end of the day the farmers will get a better value for what they are growing.”

The Great Indian Food Street is an experiential, one of its kind initiative that focuses on the globalisation of Indian food and transformation of Indian heritage foods and super foods. The journey from lost recipes to new age molecular gastronomy, as well as the unique influences that form a part of our country’s diverse food culture.

The Great Indian Food Street displays demonstration of culinary techniques and traditions from the 28 states of the country. The event would witness cookery demos by luminaries in the culinary industry and the biggest names on Indian television, with the likes of various Michelin Chefs including Vineet Bhatia, Ranveer Brar, Saransh Goila, Amrita Raichand, Satish Arora, Imtiaz Qureshi, Akshay Nayyar and many others.

Chef kapoor believes that the Government should focus more on food to accelerate tourism in India. He suggested having some culinary trails and journey covering the edges of the country, finding indigenous produces and promoting it. Adding to this he said, “F&B industry is phenomenal and it will grow but there is lot of efforts from the industry that has to go in. We have to attract talent of high quality and Chefs has to start learning more about the past and the fine future.”

The next two days of this extravagant event will experience programming through interactive discussions and demonstrations by the Chefs, the traditional flavours as well as modern fusion food to give the attendees a wholesome experience about the diverse uniqueness that Indian food offers nationally as well as in the global markets. Chef Kapoor will attempt a World Record of cooking 800kgs of khichdi on the second day of the event (4th November).

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