The Effectiveness of Aromatherapy

The global aromatherapy market set for rapid growth aiming to reach USD 2,181 Million by 2024. BW Hotelier interviewed several hotels and spa of India to know the changing trend in consumer choices towards Aromatherapy.


AROMATHERAPY IS a type of alternative medicine practice utilizing fragrant/aromatic essential oils that are derived from a wide variety of healing plants. When inhaled or applied to the skin, therapeutic-grade essential oils (also sometimes called volatile oils) have been shown to help people overcome various health problems without the need for medications.

BW Hotelier, interviewed several hotels and spa regarding the changing trend in consumer choices towards Aromatherapy. Now the consumers are becoming health conscious and thus prefer natural ways to cure various health problems, this results in minimal or no side-effects.

Consumer Preference

There has been an increase in Aromatherapy since they introduced new variants in that. Dilawar Singh Nindra, General Manager, Jaypee Vasant Continental Hotel; Devika Sekhar, Serena Spa and Jacqualine Marcelle Herron, Director-Spa, Salon, Health and Racquet Club at The Imperial, New Delhi, all agree to the line stated above. All of them have experienced and observed the changing trends and increase in consumer preference regarding Aromatherapy.

Most-faced problems by consumer

The most common problems heard from the general population of the consumers are migraine, stress or fatigue, insomnia, digestion problems, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, muscle tension, depression and low energy. “Problems often stem from stress or toxins causing symptoms such as anxiety, sleeplessness, muscle tension, depression and low energy, which aromatherapy can help with,” explains Herron.

Essential oils used

Oil of Rumi with Chamomile, Sandalwood and Amber is designed to help calm the nervous system promoting relaxation and deep sleep, and soothing oversensitivity of the skin. Rumi helps to restore the Pineal gland Crown Chakra, Sahasrara, regulating circadian cycles. Oil of Mirabai with Rose, Fig and Black Pepper is a hormonal balancer benefiting the Endocrine system, boosting vital energy in the root chakra Muladhara to connect more deeply with one core essence.

Oil of Jaipur with Pettigrain, Cypress and Juniper is formulated to help detox the lymphatic system, improving drainage, cleansing the blood, reducing inflammation and acting as a cooling analgesic and astringent element to balance oily skin types. This also helps jet lag and helps weight loss. This regulates Manipura the 3rd Chakra at the solar plexus.

“There are many essential oils with specific benefits that address many kinds of health-related imbalance. Our Sufi pure aromatherapy oils are blended to address a variety of common complaints.” Herron said.

Practising Precautions

“Well as a precautionary measure we use proper diluted essential oils according to person’s skin types. We have well-trained masseurs and their expertise helps in relaxation, body pains,” Singh said. The guests are given written consultation to complete before treatments of every genre which the therapist discusses with the consumer whilst choosing the Aromatherapy oils and other treatment products.

Consumer Feedback

The past feedback heard from consumers has been – relaxing and pain relieving. The general response has been great from the clientele on the spa services and the management.

Ways of performing the therapy

There are many therapies which can be practised like ayurvedic massage, loomi massage, Indian head massage, incense sticks and diffusers. Bhimraj is one of the famous therapy as it believes in a truly holistic approach and treating each guest as an individual it’s unique wellness combination of reflexology and therapeutic massage.

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