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With its presence strongly established in India through key on-going mandates and partnerships, the logical next-step has been to reinforce this presence with a high-impact team on the ground.

Hospitality Consulting is a Swiss knowledge development and management advisory
company. We are the consulting and executive education division of Ecole
hôtelière de Lausanne – the world’s first hospitality management school – and
we work closely with the Swiss Hotel Association.

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)was founded
in 1893. It has since been a pioneer in education that has inspired the world
of hospitality and created a unique professional community of 25,000 global
industry executives and leaders whose shared values have been developed on
EHL’s distinctive heritage. As the world’s premier reference in hospitality
management, EHL offers university-level studies to talented and ambitious
students that are aiming for top careers in the international hospitality sector.

Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC): Established in 1976 in response to a growing industry demand for access
to EHL’s unique knowledge, experience and expertise, LHC has developed into an
independent Swiss knowledge development and management advisory company with
its forte in hospitality.

While continuously adapting
to the fast-changing business environment, LHC is setting new trends and
benchmarks in hospitality – helping companies and individuals fulfil their
aspirations and goals. We are strongly focused on employing the best experts to
provide innovative and often revolutionary solutions to clients, while
retaining our Swiss heritage values. Within our current offices, LHC consultants
list 12 nationalities and more than 10 global languages. We have delivered
unique services in more than 60 countries through our three centres of

·       Advisory Services

·       Executive Education

·       Development of Hospitality Learning Centres

consultants and EHL faculty work jointly in task-forces on projects and cutting-edge
development programmes. This guarantees that best possible solutions are
applied to address specific issues in order to support our client’s assignments
– drawing upon senior faculty members of EHL and of the Lausanne Hospitality
Research (LHR) teams for relevant expertise, whenever necessary.

Advisory Services: The service sector continues to be one of the faster growing sectors across
global economies. With quick and easy access to fast-paced technology
enhancements companies are increasingly relying on organizational efficiencies,
leadership effectiveness and process improvements to develop a competitive
edge. Our advisory services are available to the hospitality industry as well
as to all service functions within other organisations and include project
planning, project realization and business support. Crystallization is
our beginning-to-end approach from conceptualization and development to
realization and integration, of global hospitality projects. Our consultants
have extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in providing bespoke project
development solutions.

client list includes hotels, hospitals, airlines, banks, high-end luxury and
insurance companies, to name a few.

Executive Education: The ability to keep abreast with new developments is proving crucial in
today’s global knowledge economy where change is constant and exponential. LHC
continuously focuses on refining the design and delivery of a variety of its education
programmes, ensuring that these are unique yet relevant to the contemporary
conditions and needs of the hospitality and services industries.

Employers today favour individuals who show
commitment to continuous learning by upgrading their expertise and keeping pace
with industry trends. Employees, likewise, prefer companies that demonstrate
commitment to the professional development of their people by investing in
training and executive education, with a view to improve overall organizational
efficiency and quality.

On a
stand-alone basis or in coordination with advisory services, LHC’ executive
education offers customized as well as open-to-enroll training modules and
programmes across all levels of staff and management.

Development of Learning
has been developing hospitality learning
centres around the world for more than 40 years. We recognize the
importance of quality education to feed talent into the fast-paced and diverse
hospitality industry. We employ a structured, geo-political approach that
combines the experience and philosophy of Swiss hospitality education. Our
unique expertise has allowed us to collaborate with local government
departments, such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Tourism, as
well as inspirational investors and owners. These adventures have taken us to
Kenya, Mexico, Dubai, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, China, South Korea,
Thailand and India, to list a few.  

Lausanne Hospitality Consulting India: Recognizing the need for expert consulting
and effective education in the hospitality arena across developing and emerging
economies, prompted LHC to further its global reach by opening offices in India
and China.

With its presence
strongly established in India through key on-going mandates and partnerships,
the logical next-step was to reinforce this presence with a high-impact team on
the ground.

LHC India offers Swiss quality, reliability,
consistency and innovation that align with Indian values, cultures and
complexities. Our global team of consultants offer the benefits of
multi-cultural, multi-national experience in hotel operations, project
management, business development, general management and training, to provide
on-going expertise in management advisory and executive education to
organisations and institutions.

Photo: One of the buildings that make up the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. 

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