Safe Distancing, Cleanliness & Hygiene Protocol sets in as ITC properties re-open

At ITC Hotels, all additional safety measures have been deployed to mitigate the risk of infection.

World’s Largest LEED Platinum Rated hotel chain, ITC Hotels strengthens its 'WeAssure' programme. Having envisaged Responsible Luxury more than a decade back, ITC Hotels embedded several best practices in its DNA and laid benchmarks for responsible hospitality. While ‘WeAssure' promised stringent clinical levels of hygiene through NABH Accreditation & DNV-GL Business Assurance certification in progress, it also seeks to further redefine hotel operations along the lines of social distancing, well-being and contact light services, offering guests unparalleled comfort with peace of mind.

At ITC Hotels, all additional safety measures have been deployed to mitigate the risk of infection. These conform to the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation and Indian Tourism ministry. The ‘new normal’ protocol makes thermal screening, safe distancing and usage of masks mandatory across all levels of operation at the hotel. Usage of disposable gloves during service and additional protective gear, where required is also being followed. The guidelines have been implemented for both associates and hotel guests.

Adding to responsible hospitality, associates & managers are being trained for Hygiene Certification in aspects of FSSAI Regulatory Guidelines, Cleaning & Disinfection near to Hospital Grade and Control & Monitoring of Food Safety & Hygiene Standards.

Nakul Anand, Executive Director, ITC Limited said, "ITC Hotels has been a trailblazer in sustainability—from pioneering the Clean Air initiative to making all its properties free of single-use plastic and pioneering the LEED initiative. As per USGBC, ‘built to LEED’or ‘LEED equivalency’ doesn’t exist—there is no substitute for the certification and we are glad to have pre-empted this a decade back. Our 'Namaste' logo too embodies our commitment to Responsible Luxury-Silent yet powerful Distant yet connected, Embodying within itself, Oneness, of the soul Service can and must always touch the heart."
Touchpoints across public areas are being cleaned multiple times a day with sanitisers and disinfectants conforming to near clinical hygiene levels. Seating at the lobby and restaurants has been reconfigured to ensure safe distance. A number of operation activities have been digitalised, thereby enabling contact light services. QR Friendly In-Room Dining menu, Guest Service Directory, Digitalised restaurant menus and Check In & Check Out processes empower the guest to stay safely distant. The advanced sanitization methods deployed in guest limousine services and baggage duly tagged as ‘Sanitagged’ provide guests with an added reassurance.

Extreme importance has been accorded to distancing in guestrooms. Prioritising guest safety above all, the rooms are serviced only when guest is away from the room after soliciting a time. As their 'home away from home', these rooms follow a rigorous cleanliness protocol adhering to clinical levels of hygiene and undergo a thorough deep-cleaning programme with advanced disinfection applications. The rooms are sanitised after every guest departure and are not sold for next 24 hrs post guest departure.

ITC Hotels are amongst the very few chains today who operate a state of art ISO 22000 Food Safety Management quality accredited Microbiology Labs which enable a systematic, preventive approach to food safety and cuisine hygiene. ITC Hotels has implemented strict ingredient regulations, and frequent disinfection of the kitchen area along with consistent sanitization of equipment, cutlery and crockery. At the restaurants, ITC Hotels have enabled contact light cuisine experiences while observing safe distancing in restaurant seating, use of appropriate protective gear by associates, enabling e-menus and contactless payment modes.

Food & beverage offerings are being re-engineered for the ‘new normal’. While the Grab & Go breakfast design offers guest the option of a contactless breakfast experience in their room where the ordered menu selection is delivered to guests’ rooms with no physical contact between butler and guest, the ‘Knock n Drop’ time saver dining experience is an optional offering, delivered to a guest in the privacy of their room, minus any contact with service associates.

With homes being the new epicentre, ITC Hotels has also launched an exclusive App in New Delhi Mumbai & Chennai to cater to the rising demand of home delivery and gourmet offerings. This will further widen the outreach of the chain’s signature culinary offerings to customers across the country. ITC Hotel’s unique gourmet experiences – ‘Gourmet Couch’ & ‘Flavours’ have received overwhelming feedback from diners across India. The ‘Gourmet Couch’, brings home the culinary legacy of ITC Hotels' finest cuisine from their award-winning kitchens that brings home guests favourite signature preparations such as Dal Bukhara, Murgh Angaar, Barrah kebab, Dum Pukht Biryani, Gosht Bohri Biryani, Gilawat ke kebabs.

The 'Gourmet Couch' - MONSOON EDITION brings seasonal and regional delights from across India, with the menu creation elevating monsoon season's finest ingredients to a holistic dining experience. Anil Chadha, COO-ITC Hotels stated, "With safe distancing and low/contactless service sitting at the top of the priority index, ITC Hotels has enabled responsible dining experiences that induce well-being for guests who want a sense of freedom, with personal controls. The mindfully curated menus from our renowned restaurants are based on harmony of fresh and seasonal selections.We shall continue with our customer outreach programme and offer them more dining alternatives."

With the backing of ITC Hotels, Responsible Luxury initiative - ‘WeAssure’ programme, diners are assured of stringent hygiene and safety protocols for pan-India home delivery of food. This has further instilled confidence in our patrons to order directly via the brand platforms. The special take-out counter at each hotel has been enhanced with hand sanitisers and thermometers to assure the health of the local delivery partners.

Adding to its responsible hospitality initiatives, ITC Hotels recently launched 'Lavanderia' - contact light laundry services with strict monitoring of safety and hygiene norms at each step. City residents too can avail of the same. Pre-empting another guest need, ITC Hotels in collaboration with ITH (International Travel House) offer the 'Safe Car Promise' Experienced chauffeurs certified by the National Skill Development Council follow stringent health norms with daily thermal temperature checks, mandatory use of medically approved masks, gloves and sanitisers. ITC Hotels partnership with Savlon ensures protection from 99.9 per cent germs including a wide range of viruses and bacteria.

In addition, our journey towards the accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) will enhance existing procedures and controls at ITC Hotels thereby conforming to hospital level hygiene standards. DNV GL Business Assurance which help businesses assure the performance of their organization is developing a model, built around the three pillars of - Health, Hygiene, Safety and Pathogen control. These assurance certifications will stand testimony to the rigorous hygiene protocol being put in place to ensure the safety of guests and associates at ITC Hotels, across India.

‘WeAssure’ is a holistic programme that addresses all facets of hotel operations - from revised protocols for back of the house activities such as receiving store, back offices, laundry, to the public areas with heightened sanitization measures for guest luggage, elevators to room service.


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