Relish the taste of Handi Mutton at Old Champaran Meat House in Patna

Old Champaran Meat House reopens in Patna with a fresh zeal to expand its reach to international locations by 2022.

Relish the taste of Handi Mutton at the recently reopened Old Champaran Meat House in Patna. The aromatic flavours infused in the food cooked in earthen pots create a unique taste that satiates one’s soul. Taking inspiration from the desi style of cooking, Bihar’s popular dish, the Champaran mutton curry, also known as Ahuna mutton, is cooked in earthen pots in dum style. One of the 15 dishes served at the Old Champaran Meat House in Patna, the Champaran meat curry never fails to capture the taste buds of its lovers.

Gopal Kumar Khushwaha, Owner, Old Champaran Meat House said, “The key feature of Champaran mutton is the use of mustard oil that lends a unique richness to the dish. In the 1 hour 10 minutes cooking time, the moisture and aroma tend to stay in the handi without losing any nutrients, hence making it flavoursome.”

The dish served at Old Champaran Meat House stands out because of the twist of onions and a string of spices made by Gopal. Besides, after the lockdown, Gopal mechanised his kitchen by manufacturing a device (like a pressure cooker) that doesn’t let the mutton burn and allows it to cook perfectly.

Khushwaha added, “We have reduced our staff by 75% and aim to turn our kitchen fully-mechanised soon,” he said.

Discussing the maintenance of hygiene at his eatery, Khushwaha said, “After being shut for two months due to the lockdown, we have ensured that all precautions are in place. Our staff wears masks and gloves while cooking and serving food to customers who are being told to follow COVID-19 protocols of maintaining a safe distance and wearing masks.”

What adds to his verbal assurance is the option to enter his kitchen at any point in time and see the food being prepared with the utmost care.

Reaching customers through aggregators

Gopal has partnered with Swiggy and Zomato to expand his reach. During the lockdown, he used home delivery services to ensure delivery of the customers’ favourite meal at all times.

“Maintaining hygiene and delivering safe food is the key differentiating factor for my business to prosper in unprecedented times. We garnered a good response from people who preferred to enjoy our dishes while staying indoors. There was a high demand for the food cooked by us as we received many orders via Swiggy and Zomato,” said Khushwaha.

The lockdown allowed him to teach people how to cook the Champaran mutton.

“During the lockdown, I have taught many people how to cook Champaran mutton, among other dishes free of cost. As the outlet was shut because of the Covid-19 enforced lockdown, I took this time as an opportunity and started training people,” he concluded.

Gopal Kumar Khushwaha aims to expand his business internationally by 2022.


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