Rejoicing the Gluten Free Recipes at The Imperial Culinary Club

The live demonstration was done educating the use of other grains to be introduced in our daily comfort foods.


ON THE 38th live culinary session at The Imperial Culinary Club, Sangeeta Khanna- an eminent health food writer along with Chef Alok Verma- Executive Sous Chef demonstrated hand-crafted gluten free menu for tea time eats.  Gluten free happening to be the new talk of the town has embraced many with its intolerance and allergies.

The afternoon was filled with culinary enthusiasts and opinion makers who came across many insightful facts about Gluten free food. Expressing her views Khanna said, “Food is the biggest change maker and we are the ones who can make a choice. It’s important to know how bad gluten is and to whom?” She mentioned the fact that it was after industrial revolution that the chemical quantity in food products has increased. “Percentage of Gluten in wheat is much more than what it used to be 30 years back,” she added.

From Buckwheat blinis sandwich with beetroot and feta to Ragi Samosa filled cucumber, peas and cashew nut; Quinoa cumin and sesame crackers with orange hummus; Amaranth flour, carrot and raisin cookies and Fresh water chestnut panacotta with pecan nut and honeycomb, the menu was a treat to the senses filled with gluten free delights.

Vijay Wanchoo, Senior Executive Vice President & General Manager, The Imperial, New Delhi commented “Since I joined this industry as a chef in the year 1979, food has always been dear to me. Sangeeta Khanna, as we all know is an acclaimed health and healing food writer with an insightful knowledge on nutrition. We are highly grateful to her for lending her expertise for this initiative while our Executive Sous Chef Alok Verma has curated this fantastic Gluten Free menu, which I am sure you all will fall in love with.”

The live demonstration was done educating the use of other grains to be introduced in our daily comfort foods. “Because wheat has become a cash crop, farmers are refusing to grow any other grains. We should create a demand for the farmers to grow which will ultimately make the soil healthy,” Khanna stated.

“The idea is to make the menu not only healthy but to use easily available ingredients in a creative manner for some delectable bites,” said Chef Alok Verma- Executive Sous Chef The Imperial. The session ended with displayed newly curated recipes for tasting.


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