Recca introduces Meditteranean cuisine to Mumbai

Created in collaboration with acclaimed Chef Saby Gorai, Recca returns to the roots presenting a healthy lifestyle and culinary choices

Recca introduces Mumbai to the world of progressive Meditteranean cuisine. Created in collaboration with an acclaimed Chef Shaby, the modern European restaurant and bar is located in the heritage precinct of Kala Ghoda. The restaurant is a perfect amalgamation of history and gastronomy.

Recca carefully uses curated ingredients from India to recreate them into a modern European menu. Each dish is a recreation of the glorious global culinary past blended with the modernity of the new world. The open seating plan allows each guest to be a part of the action, while comfortably maintaining physical distancing. 

A focal element of the restaurant is the bar, housing a wide range of labels from India to showcase the rich trajectory of the nation along with a selection of International pours. Spearheaded by celebrated mixologist Darell Mascarenhas, the team will be crafting up cocktails using the foraged Indian ingredients and natural house made mixers for an experience as exciting as their culinary offerings.  

“Taking inspiration from my travels in the west, especially Miami and taking account of the change in scenario across the world, I wanted to introduce the blue zone cuisine philosophy which is the age-old alternative and the best way forward, that gave birth to Recca. Recca is a dream come to life. We wanted to bring to the country and starting with Mumbai, the world of progressive European cuisine while also creating a culinary destination that can seamlessly transform through the day tonight,” said Arup Saini, Co-Founder, Recca.

“I wanted to offer Mumbai a culinary experience like no other. Slow-cooked food, a rainbow of ingredients, healthy wholesome flavours all find a home at Recca where the essence of India has been given a global outlook to present a progressive European Restaurant. Across the blue zone was a cuisine that was an amalgam of the best dishes and lifestyle choices of the Mediterranean. Each dish had its unique distinctive character and flavour depending on its origins and the ingredients we have chosen to recreate it. Every dish had a story to tell.  An exciting menu that caters to varied tastes and most importantly food that would be savoured by the Indian palate. Open from morning to night, our commitment is to serve food the way it's meant to be - Healthy, Innovative, Flavoursome and Delicious,” said Chef Saby Gorai.

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