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TOTO’s products combine design essentials with cleanliness, eco-friendliness, efficiency and relaxing experience, expected of a bathroom and sanitaryware product

TOTO, the world’s leading bathroom and sanitaryware manufacturer, is also one of the most trusted suppliers to leading chain of hotels in India and across the globe serving their ultra-luxury, luxury to premium properties and facilities. TOTO’s products combine design essentials with cleanliness, eco-friendliness, efficiency and relaxing experience, expected of a bathroom and sanitaryware product.

Talking about hygiene, comfort and sustainability, Yohei Kokubu, Sales Unit Head, TOTO India Industries Pvt Ltd, says, “TOTO products not only amplify the look and feel of the bathrooms but remain clean even after prolonged use on the hygienic front. When it comes to comfort, TOTO is instrumental in developing an ergonomically designed high-quality line-up of sanitaryware that places comfort at precedence and all TOTO products come with significant water and energy saving features that pave the way for sustainable living.”

Kokubu shares a broad overview of products:

WASHLET™: The Electrical toilet seat with Bidet is is TOTO’s signature product. WASHLET™ offers paramount level of hygiene and cleanliness. RIMLESS DESIGN in combination with CEFIONTECT, TORNADO FLUSH and EWATER+ Technology, leaves no place for waste and germs to hide, makes it much easier to clean and saves water with Lesser Flush Volume (Flush volume of around 4 Litres). WASHLET™ has numerous technological features which add to comfort such as HEATED SEAT, AUTO FLUSH, Ergonomic Design, User Preference Settings, etc. 

Washbasins: TOTO ceramic washbasins feature the CEFIONTECT and CLEAN MATTE surface, which makes them especially smooth, hygienic, and easy to clean. Washbasins are made with special LINEARCERAM material that adds to the finesse and durability even at a thickness as low as 4 mm. It is possible to use microfiber cloths to clean TOTO washbasins without leaving any scratches.

Showers: Maximum comfort with minimum water consumption. Equipped with sophisticated technologies, these fittings bring you a transformative cleansing experience. From relaxing to invigorating or simply to get clean – TOTO has the right shower for everyone. TOTO technologies such as AERIAL SHOWER, AERIAL PULSE, ACTIVE WAVE, COMFORT WAVE, GYROSTREAM, WARM SPA, HEAT PROTECT & SAFETY THERMO provide comfort and extraordinary shower experiences while utilising water carefully.

Bathtubs: TOTO range of bathtubs such as provide a luxurious place for meditation and relaxation. FLOTATION TUB is born from the “scientific study of bathing”. Technologies such as HYDRO HANDS massage your muscles, NECK BATH relaxes your back, AIR JET function sends out the fluctuating streams of air bubbles from below enveloping the body with a soothing sensation and the LED Lighting at the outer perimeter of the tub’s base creates soothing, ambient lighting effects. It features variable pillow positions for stability to ensure the bath can be enjoyed by all.  It offers a sense of luxury through its powerful design and exquisite relaxation through a new style of bathing.

Faucets: TOTO offers a broad range of standard faucets. Majority of the faucets range comes with eco-friendly features like ECO CAP which reduces waterflow from an average of 1.5 L/min to a maximum flow of 1.3 L/min, and SOFT FLOW a waterflow technology that adjusts waterflow disturbance to provide a beautifully transparent stream, a soft feel, and water savings. TOUCHLESS Faucets are additionally equipped with ECO POWER technology which uses the power from waterflow to generate and accumulate electric power for efficient sensor operation and needs no additional power or installation.

“At TOTO, a lot of focus is given on giving customers consistent experience every time, they use a TOTO product. With demand for technology driven bathroom spaces, consumers are also looking at designs-aesthetics, quality, functionality and sustainability that makes the bathroom and sanitation spaces more dynamic and consumer-driven,” says Kokubu, adding that all TOTO products are designed to facilitate these changing needs. “Products with technologies help in reducing the consumption of the water for our daily needs giving users the desired level of comfort & satisfaction. And that precisely is TOTO’s USP,” he puts in.

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