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A chat with the founder of Ease My Stay, Dheerin Motwani on how his company digitally transforms hotels and helps them to service guest needs better.

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TECHNOLOGY HAS steadily carved a niche for itself in the over competitive hospitality sector. Free WiFi, mar lock security systems, energy conservation appliances, touch screen TVs, and other such innovations have become critical to create customer retention. With expectations forever on the rise, hospitality chains are looking for cost effective technological solutions to surprise and delight patrons. Ease My Stay, founded by Oxford Graduate - Dheerin Motwani has now introduced yet another digital transformation to help better service guests needs.

I caught up with the six sigma black belt for some tech talk.

Nikhila Palat: Why did you create Ease My Stay?

Dheerin Motwani: Large hotel chains can afford to create and run their own mobile channels through branded apps. For all other hotels there is no real financially viable mobile strategy. Guests are reluctant to download several hotel apps for 2-3 days of use. Ease My Stay was created to address this issue. It is a platform for hotels to engage and offer services through a mobile app to their guests between pre arrival to checkout. What this essentially means is that by downloading a single app, guests can connect to a number of hotels and access a variety of services that each hotel offers.

NP: So how does it really work?

DM: Guest Engagement & Service levels go hand in hand. The app is integrated with the hotel systems. Every guest request is communicated to the required department and ensures timely deliver and execution of guest request.

With Ease My Stay there are two layers of benefits

1. Hotel operations, flooded with paper trails and analogue touch points like radio or phone calls, is extremely complex. If a hotel can save all guest-hotel interactions with a digital medium, this data can then offer tremendous insights for improved guest engagement and service.

Ease My Stay has an omni-channel approach. All service requests - be it by phone, mobile app or in person are passed on between hotel executives through the Ease My Stay app. Thereby making it trackable and measurable.

2. Easy My Stay is a mobile app for two way communication between the hotel and its guests. A typical guest in a 3-5 star property has a 87% probability of carrying a smart phone on the trip. This app when downloaded on a guests phone opens up a plethora of opportunities to understand the guest better, communicate with them in a timely manner and to make their stay more personalised and comfortable.

NP: What is the measurable impact of this?

DM: An engaged guest is a satisfied guest and this leads to a direct impact on customer ratings, retention and loyalty. Ease My Stay uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate your “guest engagement score”. This is a one of a kind metric that takes into account the communication speed, timing and relevance of information.

With technology taking over the travel industry, guests can now expect greater efficiency at a click of a button.

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