Novotel Vijayawada Varun is the Desired Destination for all Business Travellers

Novotel Vijayawada Varun has brought in the first ever international branded hotel in the city, promising the best experience to all its guests. T.V. Madhupal, General Manager, Novotel Vijayawada Varun tells us more.


For business travellers

Vijayawada as a city is currently on the cusp of being the newest business hub of the country, as it is a part of the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region (APCR) and in the vicinity of Amaravati. Many corporates from various sectors are exploring the possibility of setting up their businesses and industries here. The political, agricultural, industrial sectors are a boon for its recognition and is also the hub of transportation with one of the largest railway junctions in India. Vijayawada historically was never a buzzing town and hence there was a sub-standard supply of rooms and was also a non-traveller friendly airline schedule. Novotel Vijayawada Varun has brought in the first ever international branded hotel in the city, promising the best experience to all its guests. Thus, we are sure that we would be the desired destination for all business travellers. Novotel Vijayawada Varun also is equipped with banqueting facilities that can cater up to 1,000 guests making it the largest banqueting space within a hotel in the city of Vijayawada. There have been commendable efforts from the Government and their affiliates to organise large scale MICE events in the city, thus making us the preferred choice to host the event, or at least house the senior delegates. The hotel is also located at convenient distance from key venues that can accommodate 3,000-4,000 guests making us an ideal choice for various kinds of events. Guests can also choose to have an informal meeting at our food and beverage options like Food Exchange, Wugan- The Chinese Kitchen and Gourmet Bar.

Close competition

Currently, the other operators that are in the city are Taj Gateway Vijayawada, Quality Inn DV Manor and Fortune Murli Park in terms of hotel set-ups and in terms of banqueting options there are venues such as CK convention, A Convention, NAC convention. Specifically, for the city of Vijayawada, considering the rise in business there is an acute shortage of supply of standardised inventory. We have brought in a total of 227 rooms and apartments which is almost close to the entire existing inventory of the city, but even then, in my opinion there is scope for more tiers of inventory to be added.

Conveniently Accessible

Novotel Vijayawada Varun is conveniently located near the city centre and amidst the lifestyle hub. The hotel is only a 45-minute ride from the Vijayawada International Airport and a 20-minute ride from the Vijayawada railway station. The hotel is also a seamless drive away from the capital city of Amaravati and is well connected with existing industrial belt. Moreover, being on the NH16 highway, it is strategically located. In terms of our client base, we have a vast spectrum ranging from transit travellers visiting APCR, to delegates and organisers of various MICE events, guests attending large scale weddings or family functions, non-resident Indians visiting their hometown and even high-profile pilgrims visiting the temples in the city.    


In terms of Vijayawada, I personally envision that Novotel Vijayawada Varun will be a market disruptor as we bring with us a whole new dimension to the hospitality industry in the city. Not only do we bring on board international standard guest rooms and meeting and banqueting facilities, but we also bring in a new approach to the eating out culture of the city. Our biggest unique selling point which is our terrace area will also bring in an option of indulgence with its rooftop infinity pool, restaurant and an outdoor banqueting venue.  We at the hotel offer some healthy post work options such as a scenic fitness centre, rooftop infinity pool, 202-metre Uniflow jogging track and a rooftop restaurant and bar. The city otherwise has a few nightlife options.

On a global level, India has assumed a prominent position in this sector attracting a lot of global MICE movement. Along with this, locally generated MICE events are increasing thus making it one of the most important market segments for every hotel. This is the reason we have been witnessing multiple hotels coming up with sizeable banqueting and meeting capacity. There is also a positive change that has been observed in the customer behaviour in terms of delegate engagement activities which has enabled hotels to experiment in terms of their offerings and making it more innovative. Speaking of Vijayawada, specifically the Andhra Pradesh Government has made a significant contribution in the growth of MICE segment and has expressed plans to further strengthen it in the coming years.

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