New CombiMaster Plus by RATIONAL: Now in XS Format

With its volume of just about 0.2 m3, the smallest unit from the CombiMaster Plus series fits into the smallest professional kitchens and convinces with its user-friendliness.

THE COMBIMASTER Plus is now also available in XS format, naturally with the same performance as its bigger siblings. With its volume of just about 0.2 m3, the now smallest unit from the CombiMaster Plus series fits into the smallest professional kitchens and convinces with its user-friendliness. But RATIONAL maintains its reputation as an innovative equipment manufacturer with its larger units too - because the automatic cleaning function will now also facilitate day-to-day work in this unit class.

In addition to its compact size of just 55.5 cm deep, 65.5 cm wide and a height of 56.7 cm, the CombiMaster Plus XS stands out with sophisticated technology, a modern design and convinces with its user friendliness. At the same time, RATIONAL has succeeded in expanding the CombiMaster Plus series with a 6 x 2/3 unit, without doing away with the RATIONAL power and intelligence. The large door opening is fitted with energy-saving triple-glazing, the panels of which open making them easy to clean. The LED strips in the door also provide perfect visibility into the cooking cabinet. The small one is of course also equipped with the automatic cleaning function and is characterised by extraordinary robustness for top food quality. "This means the unit, like our SelfCookingCenter XS, is great for the front cooking area but also as a station unit in the restaurant," says Vikram Goel (Managing Director, RATIONAL International India Private Limited) about the customer benefit of the new CombiMaster Plus XS.

The large CombiMaster Plus models always convince with functions that are effortless to use and which provide top food quality. Functions such as the patented dynamic air circulation, which optimally distributes the heat in the cooking cabinet and which provides for outstanding results. Together with the flow-optimised cooking cabinet shape, culinary delights are produced in no time. Crusts become crisp, and breaded coatings crunchy and roasts juicy - quickly and reliably. The powerful, renowned RATIONAL fresh steam generator, however, ensures you get intensive colours, great flavour and that vitamins and minerals are preserved, such as when steaming vegetables. The special feature Despite its compact size, the XS unit also has the fresh steam generator which makes it unique in its class. Another common feature between the two unit sizes: the very simple automatic cleaning. Simply select the cleaning stage, place the displayed number of cleaner tabs, done. Just like magic, the units become hygienically clean and will also stay perfectly maintained. Overnight too if required. "Both in the innovations of the CombiMaster plus models and in the SelfCookingCenter models, we always take the special requirements of our customers into account," Toshit Sharma (National Corporate Chef, RATIONAL International India Private Limited) explains the development work at RATIONAL.

Anyone interested who would like to learn more about the performance of the new units and experience them live can attend a free and no-obligation cooking event offered by RATIONAL. You can find further information and the possibility to book at

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