Must Pay Attention to Constant Innovation and Customer Service: Nandini Nneeraj, Co-Owner, Mother India Restaurant

Nandini Nneeraj, Co-Owner, Mother India Restaurant, Delhi is soon planning to launch her next venture 'Bokan' in South Delhi.

Mother India Restaurant Delhi, that aims to put culinary journey of India on the plate has shown a tremendous growth in one year.  BW Hotelier spoke to Nandini Nneeraj, Co-Owner, Mother India Restaurant, Delhi who spoke about the industry and her future plans.

What is the biggest lesson learnt from the F&B industry in this last one year?

With competition continuing to hot up in F&B industry and life cycles shortening, F&B businesses must pay more attention to Constant innovation and customer service. These two factors have and will play major role in making any brand a hit or a miss.

What was your initial investment to launch Mother India? Is it into profit?

Nowadays the big pie of investments generally go into rent and Security, it being so high in potential markets. The funds invested in this venture is between INR 2.5- 3 cr . And yes If the planning done right , it’s a sure shot path to success . We are doing good for the brand at the moment.

Opening an outlet in the clustered market of CP, do you think was a challenge?

Opening Restaurant in a competitive market like CP is definitely a challenge, especially in independent restaurants. But knowing how to market one’s business, how to bring in new customers and how to develop a repeat clientele, writes success. Independent restaurant owners have to work hard in every situation. Our concept and menu make us stand apart from the crowd. We have expat groups dining with us and more of families.

Brief us about your future plans with Mother India, any plans for a new outlet?

We started Mother India in 2017, In less than a year’s time, the restaurant has been able to create a distinctive space for itself in the F&B segment. We surely have planned to make chain of Mother India Restaurants. I have my new venture coming in soon named “ Bokan “ in south Delhi which will be more for Youth.

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