Mumbai’s Premier and Only Gin Bar Opens its Doors in BKC

Located on the fourth level of the hotel, the picturesque bar welcomes one to the detailed guide about the legacy sustained by Gin from across the globe, which is neatly inked on a big backdrop of a Gin Bottle


IN A bid to pay heed to the booming culture of Gin & Tonic consumption seen evidently throughout the expanse of India, Sofitel Mumbai BKC has notched up their spirits on offer, following the recent launch of their first-of-its-kind Gin Bar at Jyran – Tandoor Dining & Lounge. BW Hotelier visited the Jyran Gin Bar to experience the bar’s unique aesthetics and their crafted cocktails.

Gin, one of the fine spirits boasting of predominant earthy fragrances sourced from a selection of botanicals including juniper berries, coriander, rosemary, etc., has been well-received and is on an upsurge of popularity amongst the Indian palate. This has become even more evident with the rise in education about spirits in India, which also tells a tale about the popularity of Gins in India during and since the British Raj in India. Likewise, many globally popular Gin brands are inspired by the vintage Indian heritage, which is manifested either in their moniker like - Jodhpur, Star Of Bombay, Bombay Sapphire, etc., or in their ingredients. Also, Gins, of late, have been widely celebrated by spirits connoisseurs in all walks of life, right from the millennials to the ones in their late 40s. In line with the increasing popularity of this celebrated spirit, Jyran Gin Bar offers a wide array of Gin and Cocktails to up the game for all the Gin fanatics in the city.

Located on the fourth level of the hotel, the picturesque bar welcomes one to the detailed guide about the legacy sustained by Gin from across the globe, which is neatly inked on a big backdrop of a Gin Bottle. This backdrop is flanked by innumerable bottles of an assortment of 30 select Gin labels sourced from over 11 countries.

The rich sapphire coloured bottles of Bombay Sapphire, to seeing a bottle carrying the spirit of the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London – Beefeater, and to one’s surprise the worldly celebrated Colombo 7 known for the hint of curry leaves and cinnamon, are only a few to mention about the sea of Gins stacked in bottles on the rack at Jyran Gin Bar. Their delectable menu including Classic + Citrus, Fruity & Aromatic, Spiced + Earthy, The Playful Few, also offers flavourful and popular Gin Cocktails like Tuxedo, Vesper Martini, Breakfast Martini, etc., among others. The other notable brands at the bar include Le Gin de Christian Drouin, Stranger & Sons, Star Of Bombay, Cotswolds Dry Gin, etc.

What indeed sets the bar above the likes of its competition is, of course, the detailed menu, with dedicated pages that read the history of the Gin label, their ABV measure, recommend pairing with the selection of tonics and other guidance, in order to savour the cocktails to the fullest. This rich information then graduates towards the price of the same, which echoes pocket-friendliness throughout.

Moreover, the tailor-made concoctions by the BarChefs of Sofitel Mumbai BKC, lets one have the freedom of not confining it to just what the Gin bar has to offer, but also to have it in a way how one likes to douse the thirst of their personal likings for Gin either through cocktails or straight drinks. It is universally accepted that G&T should be iced well and is supposed to be relished with a good pairing of Tonic. At Jyran, I had the classic Beefeater gin paired with Sicilian Lemon Tonic which is beyond description, as the tonic subsumes ideally into Beefeater’s citrusy, lemony tasting notes. A dish of appetizers accompanying this G&T at Jyran Gin Bar will end the working weekender seamlessly just as desired.

Also, curated with the hotel’s in-house gin with flavours including saffron, exotic tea, hibiscus, lemongrass, orange peel, etc., among others, the cocktails served here exhibit their own zing to set the mood right, be it any time of the day. One can relish these flavoursome cocktails and straight drinks during the afternoon from 12 pm – 2.30 pm and in the evening from 7 pm – 11.30 pm.

Speaking at the launch event of Jyran Gin Bar, underscoring the need of opening a dedicated Gin bar in the city, Biswajit Chakraborty, GM of Sofitel Mumbai BKC said, “With the Jyran Gin Bar, we are pleased to reinvent perceptions about gin as just another spirit and open doors for gin aficionados to rediscover a fine collection of authentic, gin-flavoured cocktails and much-loved classics that are steadily making their way through elegant hospitality space.”

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