Minu Budhathoki Appointed as Spa Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

Budhathoki recently spearheaded a team at the Four Seasons Mauritius.


FOUR SEASONS Hotel Bengaluru announced the appointment of Minu Budhathoki as the Spa Manager. Minu who has a wealth of experience spanning different facets of hospitality will be responsible for the bespoke spa experiences at Infuse Spa in addition to ensuring staff are trained to the highest degree of excellence.

Budhathoki recently spearheaded a team at the Four Seasons Mauritius, wherein she gained valuable insight, when sent a task force. She hopes to apply her learnings to maximize revenue at the spa, manage her team as well as ideate and execute therapies which ensure that the needs of the guests are met and surpassed.

Speaking about Infuse Spa, Minusays ,“We aim to offer the most luxurious and unparalleled spa experience in this urban destination which will provide exclusive, world-class treatments in Bangalore. The city is trendy and revitalized and the citizens are discerning and knowledgeable. We look forward to welcoming our hotel, resident and non-resident guests to an ultimate pampering by creating highly personalized and tailor-made spa experiences.”

Eager to showcase the unique, hand crafted offerings she has devised at Infuse Spa, she says, “All treatments have been designed keeping in mind the various needs of our global travellers with a local slant. To ensure all clientele get the best of the Four Seasons service, therapists have undergone an extensive training programme, either designed in collaboration with the luxury brand partners from Europe or home-crafted inspired treatments. We celebrate the fact that we are close to the lush coffee plantations in Coorg and have taken the antioxidant properties of coffee to tailor-make a signature treatment. Our treatment called Flower at Four Seasons is a tribute to the Garden City that Bangalore is known as.”

Minu has previously worked with the Taj Group as well as handles retail operations at the spa at Burj Al Arab. She is a valuable addition to the Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru which will be opening its doors to guests in May 2019

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