Mint Hotels and Suites Partners With Hotelogix

This partnership has resulted in the hospitality chain to save over 1500 man-hours per month.

HOTELOGIX, A cloud-based Property Management System announced a successful partnership with Mint Hotels & Suites that has resulted in savings of over 1500 man-hours per month for the Group. This was possible with the centralized approach of Hotelogix, which helped the management at Mint Hotels & Suites to get a single point control of all their operations & improved productivity across all their 30 properties, with over 1000 rooms.

Expressing his views on this, Prabhash Bhatnagar, Founder at Hotelogix said, “We understand that the Hotel groups often require the ability to expand rapidly, with the agility to quickly adapt to the changing market dynamics. As technology partners for Mint, we provide them with our cloud platform that helps them to efficiently automate all their operations and gives them full control on their inventory, which they can distribute centrally on OTAs, and brand websites. Further, our open API interface lets them expand to fulfil their specific needs with a wide range third-party solution of their choice.”

Commenting on this development, Shantanu Chatterjee, Co-founder & Director at Mint Hotels & Suites said, “With Hotelogix, the entire operations at all our 30 properties are fully streamlined. This frees up our staff from doing some of the unproductive works. Additionally, the cloud PMS and channel manager connect also helps us to save time in the process of updating rates and inventory on OTAs is now completely automated. I would say that we now save over 1500 man-hours per month.”

Moreover, according to the management at Mint Hotels & Suites, Hotelogix PMS has also been instrumental in effectively assisting them to expand and scale up business. “A year ago, we had seven properties, and we decided to adopt Hotelogix at two of them on trial basis. It worked well for us. And now, we are a group with 30 properties. I must say that Hotelogix PMS has also helped us in scaling up our business as we grew from 7 to 30 properties in last one year,” Chatterjee added.

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